Pac Man Wallpaper

Seriously, isn’t this the most awesome wallpaper for iPhone you’ve seen so far? It lines up perfectly with your icons to give you a glimpse of retro on every page. The downside? It’s been designed for 4 rows of apps. If like me you prefer having only 3 rows of apps per page, then you may want to use my tweaked version instead:

[via Engadget & Madin]

  • Colten

    How do u tweak it? I need one for 5 icons per page and being shrunk to a 66%.

    • @Colten I used PhotoShop to remove the last row, that’s it. I’m terrible at photoshop so I really can’t help you there.

  • ZakkyB

    I can open this on my PC, but it opens very slowly and on my iPhone 3GS it won’t open at all?

    I get the message:

    Cannot Open Page
    Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding.


    And it’s not my internet, I am getting 15Mb speeds

  • Lucas

    Looks like that link is getting pwned by all the sites linking to it. Wait awhile and try again. I haven’t seen any mirrors except one that had a stretched version for iPhone 4.

  • Lucas

    Oh well apparently there’s not a iPhone 4 version. Here’s a mirror for the 3GS and lower resolutions:

  • Wendy O Koopa

    Will it work on the touch?

    • @Wendy Yes it works with all iPhones and iPod touch

  • Taylor

    Friggin’ awesome!

    I’ll probably never change mine again. 🙂

  • The original source is already working, I will try this out but probably stick to Sebastian’s version

  • sid

    how do i download to my iTouch i tried the link to no avail.

  • Awesome! What a great idea 🙂

  • is this on winterboard?


  • I realized a wallpaper inspired by this one in HD. And i continued with a Mario Bros wallpaper and a Space Invaders.
    It’s there :

    PacMan > pacmaniphone
    Super Mario Bros >
    Space Invaders >

  • Z

    @Zetura Great job on the continuation and on Mario bros too

  • Yeah! This will be my new wallpaper. Really great! 🙂

  • hahah.. funny wallpaper.. this game is old game.. but i love it

  • Great Car Wallpapers

    Great wallpaper. I love Pac Man…

  • Great Car Wallpapers

    Great wallpaper, I love Pac Man…