App Store iOS 4 Apps

Up until now it wasn’t convenient finding those apps that are optimized for iOS 4, which is why Apple created a new category in the App Store called iOS 4.0.

This category includes all apps than can work in the background and/or apps whose graphics have been improved for the new iPhone 4 Retina Display.

You can access the new iOS 4.0 category in the App Store from here.

[Thanks Justin for the tip]

  • Sweet!!!

  • David

    the embedded link does not exist and I tried putting in iOS 4.0 and only got 4 apps

  • Frederico

    I’m guessing you need to have an iOS 4 device profile registered in iTunes to get this category. I was able to see it from another site that remembered to actually include a phobos link in the article. I, too, get nowhere by searching, nor can I see any way to navigate to it via top level on iTunes 9.2 (61). I am still using IPhone OS 3.1.2 (non-jailbroken).

  • Ooops sorry guys, I forgot to insert the link. I’m on the road and can’t update the blog right now but I will as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, you can see iOS 4 apps by goon to the App Store in iTunes and click on one of the iOS 4 banners at the top. You can also do this by going to the “featured” section of the app store on your iPhone.

  • Frederico

    Hmmm.. like I said, it may be that you must have an iOS 4 device registered to the computer; as I do not have any iOS 4 banners on the Apps page in iTunes 9.2; I have ‘new and noteworthy’, ‘what’s hot’ and ‘staff favorites” the sidebar navigation does not have anything, either. The banner ad at the top is touting T-pain, plan your vacation, Real Racing and angry birds.

    My 2G iPhone is running 3.1.2 and I have similar results under the featured tab of the iTunes app.

    I suppose it could be regional, too; perhaps I will get the same content options in a day or so when Akamai servers flush caches.