Dev Team member MuscleNerd managed to send text messages from a jailbroken iPad 3G. According to MuscleNerd, The from the iPhone doesn’t run properly on the iPad so he had to use raw command lines via Terminal.

Since the AT&T plan that comes with the iPad 3G doesn’t allow to send SMS, MuscleNerd used a T-Mobile SIM card that he cut down into a MicroSIM.

This is just the beginning. I’m sure we’ll see more and more of these hacks

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  • 4Geo

    Jailbreaking is unnecessary to use SMS messaging to cell partners between the Apple iPad 3G and any cell partner. As this hack demonstrates, it was able to only send an SMS from a stored Text File, and it wasn’t shown that any utility to receive one.
    Any Ipad, computer whatever, can interact using the SMS email gateway. Compose your email and address it the phone number of the iPad 3G as, where phone number is the 10 digit number assigned to the iPad 3G. In reverse, just hit reply, and the text will respond to the SMS orginator.

  • Alex

    People that don’t know should not speak!…

  • 4Geo

    To Alex
    People who make vague comments should not imply they know what they’re talking about. If you have something to share, please enlighten. In rereading my post, I have the process backward, but someone of your intelligence should be able to parse through the words.

    Alex? Please expand on your passive aggressive tone.