In case you were wondering how much it would cost you to own the iPhone, Palm Pre, Droid, or Nexus One over a year of usage, BillShrink released a chart that gives a quick overview.

Not very surprisingly, the iPhone remains one of the most expensive smartphone. But isn’t it worth it?

  • Colten

    The only thing I’m seeing wrong with the iPhone is mutitasking, battery life, and the camera megapixels if those were upgraded and better the iPhone would have no competetion. But I am a iPhone 3GS users and I will stick with the iPhone for good, it’s the best phone out there i think.

  • Dylan

    go droid and nexus one. Tho Nexus One can be on any carrier

  • Dylan

    so does the droid. it kan also be on any carrier if u get it directly from

  • Anonymous

    The iPhone multitasks with backgrounder. Better battery life would be good. I really don’t care for a 5 MP cam. I always wind up resizing and compressing pics anyways.

  • my favorite iphone and chat, thank you..

  • Sean

    I’m going with the iphone, maybe the droid

    Check out Riff Raters in the iphone app store

  • Ray

    It’s expensive all because of the AT&T plans. I can’t wait for Apple to get out of that bind.

    You can get the unlocked iPhone for about the same price as the unlocked Nexus One, so it’s not really an issue.

    But 127K apps vs. 16K — Google has a bit catching up to do. Also what’s with the 4GB memory on the Nexus One?

  • What about the costs with a jailbroken iPhone?
    I don’t pay even half that with my Vodafone acount for my iPhone.

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