Warning: this post has nothing to do with the iPhone, but it has everything to do with ME and YOU!

My blog is over a year and half old now and it’s doing pretty well. On average, 20,000 of you come and read my rants and thoughts every days. I want to thank you all for that.

Within the past year, I have noticed a few people commenting on the blog on a regular basis. These people are what I call the “loyal readers”. They are the one emailing me to ask if I’m ok when I don’t post an article on time. They are also the one challenging my thoughts either on the blog, the forum, or on Twitter.

There are also the casual readers who come visit the blog from time to time. Chances are if you left over 10 comments on this blog, I recognize your name and I pay attention to what you say and in most cases, I leave a reply if necessary.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to personally reply to all comments (between 100 and 300 per day) but it doesn’t mean I don’t read you. I read every single comment posted on this blog. I have been slacking a bit lately though because my fiancee and I are traveling around the world and I don’t have much Internet time. Anyways.

You make the effort of coming to my blog and read what I have to say, and that’s a great thing. By now, we have developed some sort of “online friendship” but I realize that I don’t know anything about you, and you don’t know anything about me (unless you’ve been following me on my personal blog as well).

In this post, I’d like to tell you more about me, who I am, etc… It would be great if you could leave a comment and tell us a bit about you too. I understand that not everyone will bother sharing here, but I assume that loyal readers will be happy to tell us more about themselves.

So here I go. My name is Sebastien Page. I am French. I was born in France on November 17, 1980 (yes, it was my birthday this week). When I was younger I wanted to be an English teacher. Then I changed my mind and decided to go to a business school. I got a masters in marketing from a French business school and started to work for an advertising agency in Paris.

The problem was that my feet were in France but my heart was in California. For some reason, I had always been attracted to the California way of life since I was a kid. I sometimes joke that Bay Watch made me want to move to California. I don’t how much of this is true but when I first came to the States in 2001, I instantly fell in love with the country. I was in Santa Cruz with 2 of my friends for 3 months (on a business school internship), and we had the time of our life. I remember having tears drop from my eyes when I landed in France because I didn’t want to be there.

Luckily, a few months after starting my job as an ad man (which I loved), I got a job offer to move to California and get a job there. Flight and visa were paid for, I had nothing to lose! So I flew to San Diego and started working for a French man, in his tiny little company. This guy was really nice but I hated my job. I was a subcontractor for the Department of Defense. Not the ideal job for someone like me who always disliked wars and the military industry as a whole. I also was paid nothing. I made $1,100/month and I had a $600 rent. That left me $500/month to pay for my food, drinks, and the bad smoking habit I had at the time. Oh yes, I also had to pay for my other smoking habit… this one is not as bad though, if you know what I mean.

I quickly met some of my best friends and I learned how to surf, which in some ways changed my life. There is nothing like being on a surfboard and ride a nice wave all the way to the shore.

I had this job for about a year and got laid off because it was clear I didn’t like my job. For 2 months, I survived thanks to my parents sending me money while I was looking for a job. Then I finally got a job at Franchise.com, as a sales guy. Basically, I was selling ads on the site. I made a bit more money and after a few months I got promoted to a marketing position, which was what I really wanted.

My boss at the time loved me and mentored me. She introduced me to the key players in the industry and took me to every convention out there. I was actually pretty famous in the industry. You know, I was the token French guy with the cute French accent, haha.

In July 2007, my friend guy got an iPhone. He showed it to me and it I liked it. After playing with it for 5 minutes, I told Guy I had to go get one. I went to the AT&T store and bought my first iPhone that day.

My ex-girlfriend introduced me to “The Secret” around that time. I downloaded the audiobook and started playing it at night on my iPhone. I was not a really spiritual person at all. I’ve always been against the whole god idea. I always thought that only we can dictate our destiny. The secret was recomforting me in this idea and I started applying some of the “techniques”, which can be summed up by: ask, believe, and visualize.

I started asking, believing and visualizing a job where I could work from home and make more money. Within weeks, I got a new job. I was making much more money but I also had much more responsibilities. I was working from home for the first time and it became quite challenging because it’s easy to be distracted when you’re in your house.

Around that time, I started looking into “making money online”. I created an iPod softwares site and made a tiny bit of money from it. It was motivating, but definitely not enough financially rewarding. I also started looking into affiliate marketing and made a few bucks here and there. Still nothing really good.

I had always been attracted to women but I would never commit. I also didn’t have much experience in “dating”. We don’t “date” in France. Here in the States, the “dating process” makes it feel like work and I think it puts a lot of pressure on you. At any rates, I didn’t have experience dating women. I had experience in going to bars and do a random pick up, but I was really tired of that.

So I signed up on Match.com and started meeting about 4-5 women per week for a period of about 2 months. That was great. By the end, I had developed a dating routine and it allowed me to really understand how dating worked. Unfortunately, I trapped myself into the “random hookups” again.

After seeing how efficiently “the secret” worked getting me a new job, I started asking for a real girlfriend, not a one-night stand. Then I met my fiancee Tina. I met her online on Match.com. I fell in love with her in a matter of minutes. We met in Del Mar, on the beach. We walked and talked for 3.5 hours. Everything seemed so natural. We shared our past and how we wanted our future to be. We had so much in common! We became serious very quickly.

In the entrum, I bought a domain name for a new site: http://www.idownloadblog.com/. I initially wanted to make money out of it selling softwares for iPhones, the same way I was selling softwares for iPods. The difference is that I really got caught into the blogging thing. I started jailbreaking my iPhone and sharing my experience with other people about it.

Not many people would come to the site but I really liked sharing stuff with others. Then more and more people started to come. Blogging about the iPhone took a lot of my time and I didn’t make much at all from this site, but it was ok because I was having fun doing it.

After dating for 5 months, Tina moved in my apartment in Encinitas. The goal was she’d move there for a while and then we’d be looking for our own place.

I was getting tired and really stressed out about my job and I didn’t feel good doing this anymore. Once again, I applied “the secret” and asked for being my own boss, by making money online. In a few weeks, I created a website and an ebook. I started selling the ebook and on the first day, I remember making as much money as I was at my job. That was amazing! I called Tina at work and told her how great my new site was doing and I joked that I was going to leave my job.

I kept applying the secret. I also kept being miserable with my current job. My new money-making site was doing ok. Two weeks before Christmas, I asked Tina what she thought about me leaving my job. She didn’t hesitate one second and said “do it, if there is a problem, I can always support you”. That was very nice of her. Kinda risky though because as a mental health therapist, she doesn’t make much and I doubt she would have been able to support the both of us.

I called my boss and told him how I felt and that I needed to quit. He was bummed out to lose one of his best employees, but he understood and actually supported me in my desire to get my own business running.

Great, the secret worked again! The secret got me a new job, a woman I love, and finally, it allowed me to get my own gig. Call me a hippie or whatever you want, but this Secret thing really works. I am the living proof. Anyways.

So I was making money through this one ebook I was selling and decided to create 2 more. To this date, they don’t sell as well as the first one but all of them combined sell well enough to allow Tina and I to do what we always wanted to do: traveling.

We decided to take a few months off. Tina quit her job. I can’t really quit mine and I have to be online for at least a couple hours every day but we are traveling.

We are currently in Australia. This country is very expensive and the internet here sucks! Most places have caps on internet plans. For example, we’re in these cabins in Byron Bay where I am allowed 2 hours of free internet everyday, capped at 50MB. That means I can’t download anything really. Oh well.

So we are in Australia for probably another month. Then we are going to surf and live like kings in Bali for a few months. We also have plans to go to India and Thailand. Finally, our trip will take us to France.

I proposed to Tina a month before taking off for our trip, on October 5 but we don’t know yet when and where we will get married. To me the marriage is a formality, but Tina thinks otherwise.

This blog does make money now. I couldn’t live off of it but it’s nice to have a revenue stream from something I really enjoy doing. As I said, I love blogging about the iPhone. There are some days when I don’t feel like writing though and I wish I had a few other writers to join me on this blog.

Our next goals are to go back to California, get married, buy a house and make babies. We want 2 kids.

That’s my story! If you read this far, congratulations for not falling asleep, haha.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me/us who you are, where you are from and what you do. You don’t have to be as detailed as I am but maybe you can share your name, location, family status, what you like to do on your time off, etc…

I really look forward reading about you!

  • Araya

    Great story. Congrats for the proposal.
    I’m a student who studied too much but still keep studying. I did IT course and now am doing Microelectronics. I planed create a fast optical switch to complete my degree and help our Internet faster.

    Got 3GS few months ago, love it, stumble in this blog from facebook thingies. Got some few tips and tricks about iPhone from here.

    Welcome to Australia, the down under, only here in Australia that capped the Internet ūüėČ

  • wen

    Ok…about me…I’ve been reading your blog for the past few months ever since I got an iphone. I’m scared to death to jailbreak it because I just don’t want to screw it up. I’ve been reading some of the problems people get while trying to jailbreak and I don’t want to have to deal with that. I have enough on my plate as it is. I lead a full life and have fun while doing it. I love anything apple and will never go back to a PC again. I love my iPhone and will never use another cell phone again.

    I’ve got my entire house wired for sound using itunes and airport express. Love it!

    I work full time at a military base (civilian) and while I don’t think anyone *likes* war, it is a fact of life and someone has to do it so I applaud those that do as I’m sure you do too.

    I’m totally into “The Secret” and have been for about 4 yrs or so. It really does work doesn’t it! ūüôā I keep applying it and my life just gets better and better. I created a ‘wish board’ that I can see all the time when at my mac and as things ‘come true’ I revise my board. I highly recommend everyone get the secret DVD. You’ll have to watch it more than once though, for a refresher course ūüôā

    You’re way younger than me. I’ve already had my kids and am now a grandmother. What a riot that is!! ūüôā

    And that’s pretty much it about me.
    If you have some time I’d appreciate some reassurance on jailbreaking my phone. Lately I’ve been reading about some malicious thing that can attack the phone if it is jailbroken. What I want out of life now is simplicity, not complication so if I have to constanly worry about my iphone getting this that or something else, then for me there’s no point in jailbreaking it.

    Oh and I’m in Canada and love the Toronto Maple Leafs. ..last place team I know but what can you do lol

  • John

    I love your Blog! If it wasn’t for your simple tutorials i would have never been able to jailbreak my iphone. And ever since then i have been hooked. I read your blog everyday when i wake up first thing in the morning just to see what you have updated.

    Im a senior in Architecture school in NY but i also love the computer tech guy in me. So i jailbreak all my friends iphone and they come to me for any computer questions.

    Keep updating, you are doing a great job. This is the only iphone i read.

    PS. You should visit GREECE. Its amazing. I lived there more than half of my life.

  • Spazz

    I’m prob considered a silent reader lol I check your blog probably 3 times a day. from what I noticed you post different stuff than what all the other blogs post which most of the time is identical with one another. I just wanna say thanks and keep up the good shit!!!

  • phenom21

    Ha. I love your blog. I check the feed every hour or so because Everything I have read on this blog is interesting. It keeps me posted on things that could help me in a pinch. The day blacksn0w came out, I read it on your blog before anything else. Keep up the good work…

    Anyways….I’m Chris. I’m an information systems major at Southern Utah University. I jailbreak ppl’s iPhones on campus and Hack other things.

  • Hello Sebastien.

    As you noticed it was recently I started commenting on your blog.
    I have been following it for a while longer though, can’t quite remember how I came across it, I know it was before I got my iPhone, but I liked it and added it to google reader. ūüôā

    About me, i’ll make it short. ūüôā
    I’m born in Sweden in 1977, got my first computer at 14, a Commodore 64, then moved up to Amiga 500 when I was 15.
    When I was 18 I moved to Denmark, sometime here I swapped to PC.
    I had briefly a job where I used PowerPC Mac’s, I liked them, but not enough to get one privatly.
    In 2000, I got offered a job in The Netherlands and moved there.
    Sometime In 2001 I built my first server, it ran Windows 2000 Server, and was an experiment to learn servers, Mail and web was it’s function, it was litteraly a “hello world this is me and my dog page”, built inside a paperbox ūüôā
    You can see pictures of it here: http://www.eldaria.net/album/v/eldaria/Old+Server/

    Sometime mid 2002, I started chatting with now wife who lived in Ukraine, this was also on a site like Match.com, I think it was called cupidjunction, although I know they are linked since she used a different one.
    Well in 2004 we got Married.
    Sometime in 2006 I switched the server from Windows to Linux.
    This is also when I changed my webite from a static page to a blog.
    In 2007 I switched my Main PC to Linux.
    And in 2008 I bought my first Macbook, with the plan of running Linux on it, but after deciding to play around with OS-X I was actually impressed, and decided to keep it.
    Also during the summer of 2008 we moved back to Sweden to start a family, and without saving time, in March 2009 we got a daughter.
    In October I bought my 32GB iPhone 3GS.

    So that was a quick introduction of me. ūüôā

  • i read your blog when i have time and i have to say, i love your articles, how you write them makes them interesting to me, compared to the other boring sites that write like their some college professor giving a speech to a class. i think you might remember me, ive posted a few things on your forum.

    A little bout me, from florida, im only 15, ya i know kinda young ūüėõ got my first ipod with firmware 1.1.1 and from there i started to learn how to jailbreak, graphic design, ext… I’m like the guy everyone goes to if the need computer help in my class, just all around knowledgeable, little in each field. I hope to eventually grow up and maybe work for apple, or for the community doing something like you blogging, or designing programs, just something to do with technology, what i love ūüėÄ

  • Tina Rhodus

    That was great, I am very happy for you & Tina and by the way that’s a great name. I know we have talked a little, I live Kansas City, Mo which I really do not like, but all the family lives here and fell in love with my husbad of 25 yrs. so I stayed here. Lived in Florida for a few years before I saw my husband again we went to high school together but never dated. He a wounderful man and fix anything. I work at the Airlines so we can travel. I am to old to be doing this I think that to myself. LOL Have two great kids 25 and 20 years old, by the way trying to get the 20 yr old a nice guy I will let her know how you met Tina. I really like computers except the one at work whom ever made the program should be shot. I did payroll for 12 years for the city of KC & 12 years at s pharmacy do now it is time to travel. I hope to be moving to Ft. Lauderdale in the next 10 years hopefully sooner love those beaches. Would like to take some classes on programming I sure I could do better than the people that did ours and i have had to learn three different programs there so far. Well that’s about it from me. Have a great vacation and tell Tina Hi for me, just love that name. Take care and be careful in your travels.

  • kpx

    hi i’ve been reading your blog for two months daily. as others said, i find it to be the only blog not reposting what other iphone related blogs posted. i’m a programmer on a small company located at barcelona. congrats for the blog and specially this interesting experiment!

  • Mark

    Hi there!

    My name is mark, I’m from the Uk but I live in Greece for half the year where I manage a hotel.

    I discoverd this blog when I was jailbreaking my partners iPhone, I didn’t ‘get’ iPhones at the time but after playing with one I was hooked, this site really stood out from the rest because it was clear, current information, that was back in June, since then not a day has gone by without me visiting.

    I’m interested to find out more about the secret, I’m off to google it now!

    Take care everyone,


  • Zay

    I love hearing a great story every now and then. Congrats on the proposal and I love your blog. I read thru it as often as I can. Keep up the great work.

  • rn3sto

    All right about me…
    I’m Ernest and I read your blog twice a week if not more.
    I work, believe it or, on Apple (marketing).
    My job is to see what do people think about our products so I recommend some changes to Apple.
    I’m like an spy but you can treat me as normal as you always do xD.
    Well, gotta go!

  • Polemicist

    *grins* I started reading your rants back when I first got my iPhone. I was looking for information on jailbreaks and it would be no surprise that you site came up in a Google search. ūüôā I actually found a great deal of sites that dealt with jailbreaks but for some reason I kept coming back here to the point that I now have the site in my RSS feeds on my Mac.

    I’m a Melbourne Australian dude who grew up in what some would consider the outback. I spent a long time in IT and have been an avid Apple user now for 8 years.

    Keep up the hard work bro. Your blog is always worth a read.

  • Fastfro

    Yeah I’m called fro, but my name is Jeffery, I’m 22 years old and I’m married. I have no kids but want one or two. I’m currently employees at the county I live in. I’ve been there for 3 years now and I make pretty good money. I’m getting bored with my job and would love a job in computers but I don’t have the time or cash to go to college. I tried online classed but I was way to easily distracted and quit. I love playing video games in my spare time. I enjoy drawing and writing short stories. I have the iPhone 3g which is JB of course and I love the fact that you do this blog, it helps ne keep up with what’s going on. Happy late bday also, and today is my bday =‚ÄĘD
    thanks for sharing the info about ya, it kept me entertain for a few while I’m on this long ride back home.

  • Dude006


    Great story and a great blog! My name is Ryan. I started reading this blog early on in my iphone days and it’s been my primary source of information regarding jailbreaking. You have always been on top of providing all of us with up-to-date info and I definitely appreciate that.

    To give you a short background, I’m 28 and live in Boston. I have an MBA and work as a consultant.

    I’m glad Tina is onboard with you putting as much time into this as there are quite a few of us that appreciate your efforts.

    Also, I almost never comment on any blogs because I don’t feel like spending the time to do so. However, I apreciate the way that you opened up to everyone and felt compelled to provide you with some feedback.

    Have a great trip.


  • Jacobahalls

    Hi,my name is Jacob, I’m 15 yep, pretty young right, considered that everyone else is older than me. I live in cheatham county, Tennessee. it’s pretty small, nothing to do but talk. I ref soccer makes pretty good money for me. That’s what got me able to buy an iPhone. When I saw it like any other kid, it was an I want. I love it, so I googled like how to make the iPhone better, and that’s were I found this blog So I set it up to my email. And that’s also where I figured out how to jailbreak. See I love to help people, so everyone that I saw that had an iPod I jailbroke it, ya no body has an iPhone in my highschool. Few have iPods, I jailbroke everybody iPod in my school. I feel like I accomplished something. I’m trying to talk my sister into asking for an iPod for Christmas. My dad for some reason dispises iPhones. I love soccer and I play for the highschool I’m a keeper. I just recently got dumped so I’m single, hear that girls!
    And I would love to travel the world like you. And I actually wish I was French for some reason. I guess because of the accent.
    I really should stop talking on here because my mother always told me not to put personal information on the Internet.
    Sorry mom if you read this.

  • Jesse

    Congrats on the engagement and have a wonderful and safe trip.

  • Minifender

    That was a great story, very interesting….. oh well my name is Daniel Castro, i live in HONDURAS (yeah, Honduras is in central america), very beatiful country (but very corrupt).. i was born on june 14 1984… i live in the capital for about 3 years then we moved to the north of the country because of my dad’s job… im a christian, i play the guitar on my church, and yeah, i believe God Loves me, and Loves everyone no matter what… in all the religious thing, this is the most important thing to me.. believe that God loves me, and loves Everyone so much that he gave Jesus for us… Anyways that’s what i believe…
    ok following my story, im a civil engineer, i love my job but my salary REALLY SUCKS….. i made about 9,000 Lempiras (our local currency)… that’s about $472.93/month!!!…. i know, maybe you cryed when you read this LOL…
    so, the life is really hard here, but i live with my parents, and i help with my salary paying my stuff, gas, etc.
    i got my first iphone when the son of the owner of the company sold it to me… and i was REALLY happy… i had to save the money for about 5 months to buy this iphone… but man i loved my iphone so much (just like the other 20,000 people that reads this blog ^_^ everyday)… ok that was my first iphone… but some day, in a really amazing storm, i was entering to my friends car, and i dropped my iphone in the water on the street.. so, i had my problems with that iphone, so i sold it…….. then the my boss sold me his iphone :)… and again had to save a lot of my money to buy it :S but it was worth it ūüôā
    ok thats all for now, im falling sleep LOL it was a pleasure

  • kukku

    Congratz Sebastien…

    what about Pakistan?
    Here you can get unlimited internet access ;).. and unlimited Bomb blasts as a bonus LOL..

    btw me too got a masters Degree in Marketing and we both are serving the same niche :p actually we both have a lot more in common and yes! I didn’t fill-in my website name ūüėÄ

    I don’t have any job experience.. Actually never applied for any..
    I’m 25.. and wish to move to US but I know in current situation of Pakistan it’s impossible plus I don’t have that much money ūüôā

  • Thank you all for telling us more about you. It’s great to see that readers of this blog are from so many different places with so many different backgrounds.

    Getting this feedback from you is also very motivating. Sometimes I write stuff and I wonder if people read it or even like what I say. But from what YOU are saying, you really like what I talk about.

    A few of you mentioned that you like this blog because I don’t talk about what everybody else is talking about. I’m glad you noticed this because I intentionally do this. Until a few months ago, I was just writing about news and other stuff. But then I came to realize that you can read these news everywhere else online. I mean, for one given piece of news about the iPhone, you can read the exact same thing on over 50 blogs.

    I made a point to stick out from the crowd and leave the newsworthy stuff to the bigger blogs like Gizmodo, TUAW, the iPhone Blog, etc… I do write about news sometimes when I think it’s very important. Anyways.

    I am currently in Hervey Bay, Australia and the internet sucks! I mean, it relly really sucks. It’s so slow that it’s almost painful, haha.

    Thanks again for all the great feedback ūüôā


  • I’m from a little island in the caribean call Cuba. Came to USA in 2001 also, when to school them I decide to joint in the military, so I did, I’m a Salor in the US Navy love my job… rather that I only work with planes and never been in the sea or in a boat. Lol… Love my iPhone too and I really like this blog I pass by every single day of my life even if I don’t wrote that much.

  • Hey great article, this is what blogging is all about. So to get started I am Adesh Rampersad from Trinidad ( way down in the Caribbean ) , 29 years old , October 25 1980. I moved from Trinidad to the uk when I was 5 so my dad could study engineering, spent 3 years then move to Guyana spent most of my teen years there 7 to be exact , where I met my beautiful wife we were high lovers. After Guyana we both moved to London again to study polymer engineering , I finished my degree and now back in Trinidad managing our own plastic factory.
    I love to travel , France , USA, china, Barbados ,it’s all great.

  • Je suis Pierrick,17 ans et je vis en France.

    Well, happy to be ranked on casual readears! ^^
    I read once a day this blog to read the last news since I’ve my first iPhone (3GS).
    Thank you to your tutos, I learned my first jailbreak here.

    Good continuation!

  • Ruud

    It was an amazing experience to read your story and you being so forthcoming. And very un-French (no offense).I’m a Dutch citizen, my wife is American and currently I live in ” les Pays Bas” :).
    I recently got my first Iphone, but since I was in the computer tinkering business all my life, I couldn’t wait, of course for the jailbrake and consequentely the unlock, which I both applied the day Gehot released them.I love tibkering so much that the unlock only has to run for 4 weeks since I got the hardware a month before the subscription started. ūüôā
    I’m a casual reader and rarely comment, but still, keep up the good work, I love it.

  • Sadis Abis

    Wow you will go to Bali!! That’s in my country, Indonesia. We call it “the Island of Gods” for its heavenly feel. I wish you enjoy every second in that beautiful place.

    Too bad I am still working in Netherlands for another 1,5 months (if not I will be your guide there, 4 free (= ). Btw, I’m Rusadi, 26, married and currently in Amsterdam. Enjoying ur blog post every time I had the chance, very useful. I Jailbreak My iPhone 3G with BlackRa1n after u said u have succesfully do it on ur phone. Nice tutorial and all.

    Wish u d best!

    Very honest post. Thanks for sharing. ūüôā

    • Hi Rusadi,

      We’ll probably be in Bali for a few months starting in January. Maybe you can show me some cool surf spots! That’s the main reason we’re going to Bali ūüėČ


  • Xatski

    Thank you for your quick life story. It was inspiring. I have lived in California, Alaska, Massachusetts, Michigan and now live in Minnesota. 
    I looked at smart phones for 3 years and never bought one until the iPhone 3G was released. They all sucked until apple got it right. I love this technology and the community. I enjoy reading about what the latest iPhone news. Your blog is one of two I check everyday. I often read articles and then go to the site suggested, try the new app suggested or learn something new I can do with my phone. Thank you for all your hard work. It is wonderful that you and Tina can travel.  I hope you are taking lots of photos.
    I run blood drives all over Minnesota and am in the process of buying my first house.
    My hobbies are reading, meditating, hiking, and photography.  Soon I will be learning how to make traditional Indian bows.  

  • Xatski

    Thank you for your quick life story. It was inspiring. I have lived in California, Alaska, Massachusetts, Michigan and now live in Minnesota.
    I looked at smart phones for 3 years and never bought one until the iPhone 3G was released. They all sucked until apple got it right. I love this technology and the community. I enjoy reading about what the latest iPhone news. Your blog is one of two I check everyday. I often read articles and then go to the site suggested, try the new app suggested or learn something new I can do with my phone. Thank you for all your hard work. It is wonderful that you and Tina can travel. I hope you are taking lots of photos.
    I run blood drives all over Minnesota and am in the process of buying my first house.
    My hobbies are reading, meditating, hiking, and photography. Soon I will be learning how to make traditional Indian bows.

  • yave distancia

    hello im 22 and a student at san jose state university. I am a senior and I have fallow this blog since i got my iphone unfortuneitly my the the bottom screen of my iphone lost touch so I have have a razor for now but i miss the iphone. I check the blog less frequently now but i hope my iphone is up and runniing soon

  • Fuzzy

    Hey Sebastien,

    Congrats on the proposal and summing up your life story for us. Good to know that you are happy with where you are in life right now and showing your interest in wanting to get to know ppl who checks in on your blogs. Joelle here, 25 from Brunei. Love your blog, with all the latest news, tips and tricks =) and with your step by step guide, have jb my iphone 3G with Blackra!n. Merci!! anyways just a shout-out to ya, keep up the great work and have an awesome trip.

    Bonjour!! ^^

  • Tiga

    Just another casual reader, I guess. I’ve never commented on your blog, Seb but I do enjoy reading it very much.

    The name is Tony from London, UK, 25, have a gf. Currently working for a Law firm.
    I first fell in love with your blog when I got my 3G and I’m still checking it out several times a day.

    Keep up the good work and warmest congrats on the engagement. and all the best with your travels.

    Take care and have fun !


  • Hey I read your blog almost 3 times a week; I love it.

    Im; in France at the moment, in Grenoble to be acurate. Next Year I’ll start my MIB courses in the Grenoble School of Management, im searching for a place to stay i hate the residence Im living. I love to do paragliding, and if you know somebody from here that can help me search a cool residence I will love it thanks; and have a safe trip.


  • Dylan

    I just found this site nd im likin it. i enjoy the storys and news, and the conversations between some of the other readers can be quite amusing. this is one blog that i actually like. i plan on reading for quite sometime, and i like the news bout apple, kinda like the app review proccess. good job with this blog. hope it lasts.
    -Dylan L. C. knox

  • Dylan

    i check out your blog atleast once a day. great tips for my 2nd Gen. iPod Touch 16GB

  • Dylan

    and im from good ol’ Cali and its always nice. hope your trip is safe nd well too. i see alot of older people on this blog, wonder if i the only 14 year old who reads it… lol

  • nik

    hey im nik… 16, and i live in FL. i was born in chicago but my family moved down here like 9 years ago. my dad owns a computer biz so i help out with that some, and hack and whatever in my free time. trying to buy a car and plan for life. ūüėČ

    i waited in line for 5 hours a year ago for my 3g. still got it, me and my baby have been thru a lot together. =)

    hey this is kinda weird,
    but has anyone else felt like their iphone pulled them thru a breakup or 2?
    lol, i mean it always isn’t anything too bad, just you know how your iThingy is always there for you? hhaha well if anyone else has felt like that…

    but anyway…. i luv this blog. thx Sebastien! have fun down under!

  • Lucky

    hey buddy,

    m glad u shared ur part of the story…
    well, m basically frm Gujarat, India.After finishing my studies frm UK i came back to india in may. Well reason i came back to india is jst affection with my family.( i m kind of family guy.)
    Now our company is working for some well known companies.

    when firmware 2.0 came out, i was looking for jailbreak. after googling some keywords i came to this site. since then, i m coming to this site atleast once in a week, but i don’t write more. till the date i have hardly replied 8-9 posts.

    but i really don’t want to miss this opportunity to thank you for all your help and support.
    keep good work up!!
    n hey u didn’t replied my mail if bluetooth photo sharing works for you or not…

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  • Harscelle

    My name is Harscelle Goenka. I’m from india and i’m a big gadget freak. I cant live without my iphone and i cant live without reading about iphone on blogs either.. I’m currently doing IT Engineering and am going to do MBA from UK after that.. I have planned to open a software slutions company after studies and move to California if possible.. Its my dream to live in the heart of silicon valley.. I check your blog at least once everyday and love the tips and tricks your share with us.. Keep up the good work.

  • El_cano2008

    Nice story! Well done for you! You guy’s are the best in blogs

  • WesternWanderers19

    Hey Seb Where r u in australia? Sydney! I really want to see u