I’m not that much of an iPhone case guy because I think it is a device that is too beautiful to be hidden in a case or in a sleeve. However, I have to admit I have a thing for some of these. This article covers 19 extremely creative and original iPhone cases.

game boy iphone case

This cute pouch for your iPhone or iPod looks like an old school GameBoy! It’s made out of felt and sewn by machine.

I am always amazed at how creative people can be. I mean, there are some people out there saying “I’m gonna create the first iPhone bacon case”, and they actually do it.

iphone case

This is a felt mobile case imitating the iPhone. It’s completely handmade and carefully handstiched.


Meet Domo, everyone’s favorite monster.


Designer handmade wooden case for the iPhone 3GS. This box is made out of walnut and finished with linseed oil.


Case for iPhone designed to look like a happy Mac Classic computer.


Vinyl on the outside with soft batting on the inside, these are made from recycled tablecloths.


The EXOvault case is machined from solid metal stock in two pieces, providing you with a distinctive beautiful handcrafted object that sets itself apart from the average modern plastic world.


This Ape iPhone cozy is handmade with soft wool blend felt. It has a super cool appliqued Ape face with button eyes details.


This penguin case is made of double layers of felt, open from the right side.


A felt mobile case imitating the sophisticated iPhone 3G.


A chocolate style iPhone case.


A cute retro iPhone Case that looks like a NES Controller you might know from the good old times.

nes case

Remember the glory of 8-bit gaming while protecting your shiny electronic gizmo!


This monkey case is made of double layers of felt, open from the right side.


This lovely grey kitty will keep your iPhone safe and sound.


This is an original dial phone design felt case for iPhone 3G.


Keep your iPhone or iPod free of scratches with this cool owl case.


Protect your iPhone with this Playstation console felt case!

Which one is your favorite?

  • Polemicist

    I really like the EXOvault. Expensive but DAMN I can get me a hand made Titanium case for $300 US … COOL!!!

  • yusuf


    I really like the iphone imitating case….pretty cool….

    lovely post looking forward for such post ….


    and keep us updating with such good stuff…

  • hi everybody,

    great list! especially like the one in the monkey design… should combine it with our gorilla cases… 😉

    cheers, d

  • Sam

    I want the playstation 1 one. All cool ideas.

  • mph

    Love the gameboy design.

  • Felt

    Sadly this list of cases is nearly all felt pouches, which can be considered cases, but only barely. Do over! Look up more case designs than the diff felt prints please!

  • oh you should see this one

    owl iphone case


  • Hi, I like the Domo case. How can I buy it! Help me! PLEASE



  • sammyisgettinganitouch

    i love the penguin one it’s just so cute penguins are my fav animal

  • hi i want to buy the Domo case ,How can I buy it! Help me! PLEASE

  • I am a big fan of the DOMO but some of those felt cases are just too cool!

  • Jazuki

    WOW this is really kewl! i love the DOMO =D
    but really, the most are awesome! 😀