How to sync music from Mac to iPhone

How to sync music from Mac to iPhone

As a Mac user, chances are the songs you downloaded, ripped from CD, and got from elsewhere are stored on it. If you are wondering how to sync music from Mac to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, here are the multiple ways to do that.

Let us start with the easiest solution, which lets you transfer all or only the selected songs and music playlists from Mac to iPhone. After that, we will look at an effortless wireless solution to sync your entire music library. And the final method involves using a reputed third-party media player app to copy songs and videos from Mac to iPhone or iPad.

Have a look at all the ways and use the one you like the most.

How to find your apps and games billing history with prices on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Purchase History with Prices on iPhone

Being able to view your purchase history for apps and games is useful. You may have removed an item that you want back. For that, you can easily redownload apps on iOS and Mac.

But maybe you didn’t remove an app, maybe you just want to know how much you paid for it. The prices of many apps change over time. So viewing its current price doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what you paid for it.

For whatever reason you have, you can see the price you paid for an app on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. And you can go back years if you need to. Here’s how to find the billing history with prices on your device.

How to send gifts for Apple apps, books, music, movies, and games

Gift on iPhone Screen

When you want to get someone a gift and have no idea what to buy, it can become frustrating. Whether for the gift-giving season, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or a birthday, a digital gift can be the perfect present.

Apple makes easy for you to buy a book, music, app, game, movie, or TV show as a gift. All you need is your recipient’s email address and you’re on your way to making their day.

We’ll show you how to send gifts in Books, Music, the App Store, and the iTunes Store on all your Apple devices.

Fix: Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed in the App Store

Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed Message

Have you ever tried to make a purchase on your iPhone or iPad, for a new app or in-app purchase, and received an error message that your purchase could not be completed in the App Store app?

More specifically, the error reads "Your purchase  could not be completed. For assistance, contact iTunes Support at www.apple.dom/support/itunes/ww/." The message shows you a website to visit but no further help regarding why the purchase didn’t go through.

Here we’ll list some possible reasons why your purchase could not be completed and how to remedy the situation.

How to use the Mac Look Up reference tool for quick details

Open Mac Look Up tool Maps

Your Mac comes with a handy, built-in Look Up feature that lets you get information on just about anything. Whether it’s a simple word definition or a game on the App Store, with a click you can get what you need.

While this tool is convenient, it’s one of those things you may not think about using. We’ll show you how to access and give you tips for using the Mac Look Up reference tool.

How to use Finder instead of iTunes on Mac to manage your devices

Manage Devices in Finder Mac

If you’ve updated your Mac to macOS Catalina, then you’ll notice a specific app missing; iTunes. You’ve probably heard that iTunes was going away, but now that it’s truly gone, you’ll have to manage your devices differently.

You might have used iTunes to back up or restore your iPhone, sync specific items with your iPad, or simply manage your devices.

The bad news is that you can’t use iTunes on Mac to do this anymore. But the good news is that there is another way and it’s super easy.

Here’s how to use Finder instead of iTunes on Mac to manage your devices.

How to enable star ratings for Apple Music on iPhone and iPad

Rate Song Music app iPhone

A star rating is something you see everywhere. From products to services, the more stars you see the better the product or service is considered. So of course, you can assign a star rating to your songs in Apple’s Music app.

By giving something a star rating on a scale of one to five, you can find music you like much easier and create Smart Playlists. And this is ideal if you rate a song on your iPhone or iPad and then check it out in your iTunes music library on your Mac.

If you’re not seeing this handy feature, here’s how to enable the star ratings for Music on iOS and Mac.

How to sync your iPhone without iTunes on a Mac

With iTunes in macOS Catalina 10.15 split up into three separate apps, Apple had to make sure there would still be a way to sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with your Mac computer so that you could back up, update and/or restore your devices just like before, but without iTunes.

How to get missing album artwork in iTunes

iTunes LIbrary Albums on Mac

The artwork that you see for an album not only adds to the visual experience but can help you find the songs or albums you want to listen to much faster. Unfortunately, sometimes that artwork goes missing in iTunes.

You can get it back easily so that you can see it on iTunes on Mac or the Music app on your iPhone and iPad. Here’s how to get missing album artwork in iTunes.

How to hide and unhide iTunes purchases

Hidden iTunes Purchases on Mac

You may buy items in iTunes that you want to keep to yourself from time to time, especially if you use Family Sharing. It could be a movie, song, TV show, or audiobook. You can hide purchases in iTunes and keep them hidden on all devices that use the same Apple ID.

If you need to keep something you buy away from prying eyes, here’s how to hide and unhide iTunes purchases.

How to customize the sound quality in iTunes on Mac

iTunes Equalizer on Mac

A terrific feature of iTunes on your Mac is that it allows you to tweak the sound of your music. You can adjust the sound for certain genres, specific songs, places in your home, or if you use special speakers.

If you’re ready to take a few minutes to make your music sound exactly how you want it, then this tutorial is for you. Here’s how to customize the sound quality in iTunes on Mac.