How to opt out of receiving subscription renewal emails from Apple

To help you stay on top of your subscriptions, Apple by default sends out renewal receipts anytime one of the services you're subscribed to charges your payment method on file for another installment. Thankfully, you can easily opt out of receiving Apple's subscription renewal emails if you don't want to be informed of that monthly charge of ten bucks for Apple Music or a Netflix charge or any other recent subscription renewal. Follow the steps in our tutorial to learn how to stop receiving subscription renewal emails from Apple.

Finally cancelling subscription services to save my wallet

After reading our commentary on avoiding App Store subscription fatigue, I felt like I could tighten the belt as well. I have a lot of software, streaming, and entertainment subscriptions to help keep my ear to the ground for the site.

Being in the streaming-know comes with the territory, but for normal consumers, picking a few quality digital subscriptions is most important. As a new year clicked over, taking stock in my monthly cash outflow was important to re-adjust budgeting. Cancelling subscription service dollars is important for a healthier budget.

How to get 12 months of Apple Arcade for the price of 10

If you're paying for your Apple Arcade subscription month to month, it might be a good idea to switch to the annual subscription and save money by getting twelve months of access for the price of ten, provided you pay upfront. Follow our quick tutorial to learn how you can switch from the $5 per month subscription to its $50 per year annual counterpart.