Spotify Connect

Add powerful Spotify features to the Now Playing interface with Apace

Spotify users rocking jailbroken iOS 10 devices are going to feel right at home with a new jailbreak tweak release dubbed Apace by iOS developer Andreas Henriksson.

This tweak is a replacement for the popular iOS 9-only tweak dubbed Quickify and lets you add Now Playing music to existing Spotify music playlists or collections right from Control Center or the Lock screen.

Sugr Cube review: the portable Wi-Fi speaker with gesture controls and good looks

The Sugr Cube ($229 on Amazon) is a portable wireless speaker with built in gesture controls. It features great design, with a stunning minimalistic wood exterior and a large power/volume knob on its rear. The Sugr Cube isn’t inundated with fiddly controls and buttons; in fact, the volume knob is the only moving part on the entire speaker.

The name of the device fits it well. Really, what’s more simple and sweet than a cube of sugar? This little device might be small and it might look unassuming, but there’s some interesting technology lurking beneath the surface, and some sweet sound ready to emanate from the tiny speaker housed inside of the wooden cube.

Spotify Connect unveiled: AirPlay-like streaming, but without overhead

The popular Swedish streaming music service Spotify on Tuesday announced a compelling new feature for audiophiles which takes the best ideas from Apple's media streaming technology called AirPlay, and then some more. Called Spotify Connect, the service is being billed as "the new way to play at home".

It's a lot like AirPlay, but with the key difference: there's no overhead as the feature streams songs straight from Spotify's server to supported wireless speakers. I've included more information and a nice promo clip after the break...