How to theme app icons on a jailbroken iPhone with SnowBoard

Snowboard theming app icon for jailbroken iPhones.

One of the hallmark perks of jailbreaking is theming the Home Screen’s app icons with an engine such as SnowBoard. While you could make Shortcuts to replace your app icons whether you're jailbroken or not, only true theming retains the native functionality of your app icons. This includes not seeing a Shortcuts banner every time you launch an app, and being able to see notification badges on your icons.

Ayedapt forces your iPhone’s Home screen icons to obey iOS’ dark mode setting

One of my favorite features that shipped with iOS 13 was a native system-wide dark mode that’s both aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes at night. Unfortunately, Apple left the Home screen’s app icons out of the picture when making dark mode a reality for stock iOS devices.

Here to address that issue head-on is a newly released jailbreak tweak/theme hybrid called Ayedapt by Surenix – a renowned graphic designer in the jailbreak community.