How to use long presses for ultimate productivity on iPhone and iPad

Long press Notes on iPhone

If you’re an iPhone or iPad owner, then it’s likely you know about the Long Press feature, also known as 3D touch or Press and Hold. This handy way of taking care of quick actions requires you to just touch and hold an app icon on your screen to pull up a list of actions you can perform.

The thing is, many people just don’t take advantage of this extremely useful feature. Maybe you’re a new iOS user and aren’t familiar with all it can do or maybe you simply forget it exists. Either way, you can take care of some tasks pretty quickly with a long press because it eliminates the need to open and navigate the app to do what you want.

So, if you’re ready to see how long presses can increase your productivity and save you time, let’s go!

Keyboard shortcuts for Slack on Mac

MacBook keyboard -Slack keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts aren’t just handy for Apple’s apps on Mac, but they can be awesome for third-party apps as well. Depending on the app, you may have many shortcuts that can help you navigate, chat, edit, or manage the window without the need for a mouse or trackpad. Slack is one of these apps.

If you use Slack for team communications, then check out and bookmark this list of keyboard shortcuts.

Bubble Apps is a highly configurable app launcher for jailbroken iPhones

App launchers are popular among jailbreakers, mostly because they can make accessing your favorite apps from anywhere easy when you’re just out of reach of your Home screen. But what makes an app launcher perfect? The answer varies from one person to the next based on personal needs, which is one reason why we enjoy seeing different developers’ takes on the idea.

Enter Bubble Apps, the latest of such jailbreak tweaks created by iOS developer 0xkuj that provides users with a highly configurable app launcher interface that can be accessed from virtually any interface in iOS.

Keyboard shortcuts for Automator on Mac

MacBook keyboard light bulb-Automator keyboard shortcuts

Automator on Mac is a terrific tool for creating workflows, applications, and other automations that can speed up tasks and make life easier.

So that you can focus more on your creations and less on navigating and performing actions, check out this list of keyboard shortcuts for Automator on Mac.

Hub is a powerful all-in-one interface for jailbroken iPhones

One of the first things that you’ll want to do after jailbreaking iOS 13 is familiarize yourself with powerful jailbreak tweaks that augment your handset’s native functionality, and a new release called Hub by iOS developer iOSthemem0d is a great place to start whether you’re new to the jailbreaking scene or not.

As depicted in the screenshot examples above, Hub is an omni-functional interface where users can access a plethora of their iPhone’s most essential features in one place. Complete with shortcuts to toggles and apps, a faster way to multitask, and central access to handy on-the-fly modules, Hub is something that can benefit most people in more ways than one.

Keyboard shortcuts for QuickTime Player on Mac

MacBook keyboard movie media- QuickTime Player keyboard shortcuts

You might use QuickTime Player on your Mac to watch movies, edit videos, or record your screen. And for the various tasks you can perform in this handy tool comes a bunch of keyboard shortcuts.

For managing the app window, movie viewing and playback, and editing videos, here are the keyboard shortcuts for QuickTime Player on Mac you can use.

Keyboard shortcuts for Find My on Mac

MacBook keyboard and maps

Whether you use the Find My app on your Mac to keep track of people or devices, you can easily use it with keys and gestures.

Keyboard shortcuts for apps on your Mac let you zip around and do what you need to do without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. So, here are the ones you can use for the Find My app on Mac.

Keyboard shortcuts for the Music app on Mac

MacBook keyboard iPhone AirPods- Music app keyboard shortcuts

When you’re watching a show, you can use keyboard shortcuts for the TV app. And when you’re listening to a podcast, you can use shortcuts for the Podcasts app. So of course, if you’re jamming to your favorite tunes, you can use keyboard shortcuts for the Music app on Mac.

These handy shortcuts can help you pop over to another song or album, control playback, and navigate Music easier.

Keyboard shortcuts for Voice Memos on Mac

Mac keyboard-Voice Memos keyboard shortcuts

When the Voice Memos app made it to macOS, it was a sensible move. You can not only create new voice memos with it, but access, edit, and manage those from your iPhone and iPad.

So if you want to speed up tasks, here are several keyboard shortcuts for Voice Memos on Mac.

Keyboard shortcuts for the News app on Mac

MacBook keyboard - News app keyboard shortcuts

These days, you might be using the News app on your Mac more than ever. So why not make it just that much easier to get the news you want to see?

With this list of keyboard shortcuts, you can move around the app, make it simpler to read, save stories, and more.

Keyboard shortcuts for the Calculator on Mac

iMac keyboard - Calculator keyboard shortcuts

Who doesn’t love keyboard shortcuts on Mac? With handy key presses, you can perform all sorts of tasks and actions. And if you’re a Mac user that takes advantage of the built-in Calculator app, then you’ll like this list of keyboard shortcuts.

Some are quite obvious but many for the different calculator modes are not. So, have a look at these Calculator keyboard shortcuts for Mac.