Brandon Plank launches open source RootlessJB4 for iOS 12.0-12.4.7 on A7-A11 devices

More good news surfaced for the jailbreak community this weekend as hacker and iOS tinkerer Brandon Plank launched a new open source semi-untethered rootless jailbreak that supports all versions of iOS 12 dubbed RootlessJB4.

Rootless jailbreaks are essentially a category of jailbreak that avoid messing with the device’s root filesystem. As you might come to expect, this makes them more restrictive than their full-fledged jailbreak counterparts, such as checkra1n or unc0ver. On the other hand, rootless jailbreaks are, by nature, more difficult to detect by apps that implement jailbreak detection.

About OS X System Integrity Protection aka ‘Rootless’ and how to disable it

All Macs with OS X El Capitan installed on them have a new layer of security known as System Integrity Protection, which has been given the nickname 'Rootless' because it closes off a lot of system files to user access to prevent malicious programs and code from causing harmful changes to the core of OS X.

For some, the added security feels like a must for protection of your personal information, but for more advanced users who poke their noses into system files quite often, the feature can get in the way and prevent user modifications to the operating system. In this tutorial, we'll give you an overview of System Integrity Protection and show you a way to disable it.

Elite Chinese hacking group ‘Keen Team’ working on iOS 9 jailbreak

Good news today for jailbreakers who are hoping to update to iOS 9 this fall. Speaking with Forbes' Thomas Fox-Brewster, Liang Chen of the elite hacking group Keen Team says they're eyeing the firmware to release their first ever jailbreak.

Right now, Chen says the team is prodding the recently released iOS 9 developer beta, and may even reach out to the well-known Pangu Team for assistance. “We want to release it just after iOS 9, that’s our plan," he told Forbes. “It depends how lucky we are.”

iOS 9 security & jailbreaking: there’s no such thing as impossible

Recent reports are claiming that Apple's upcoming iOS update—iOS 9—will make it more difficult to jailbreak iPhones and iPads going forward. Some are even stating that it will be nearly impossible to jailbreak an iPhone running iOS 9.

The reason? Rootless—the kernel-level security feature that was discussed earlier today. This new feature is said to prevent malware, increase the safety of extensions and preserve the security of sensitive data.

When it's all said and done, Apple's security efforts in iOS 9 appear to be its most prolific since iOS 5. It could make it more of a challenge for jailbreakers and hackers.

But impossible? There's nothing that's impossible when it comes to security. More difficult? Perhaps. More challenging? Maybe. But impossible?