Rare iPhone 4 prototype spotted on eBay, yours for $10,000

What's the going rate on eBay for a rare iPhone 4 prototype running internal testing software? Apparently it's the same as a factory-sealed first-gen iPhone: $10,000.

The handset is of the 32GB, GSM variety, and carries a model number of N90AP. It's described as a prototype/tester unit, and has a couple of interesting features...

Apple worked on curved-glass iPhone, but production was prohibitively expensive

This Apple vs. Samsung litigation may be the patent trial of the century, but to fans it's also a treasure trove of valuable information concerning the company's industrial design and craftsmanship, something Apple never detailed voluntarily.

One of the more interesting nuggets from yesterday's deposition by Apple's designer Christopher Stringer highlighted two interesting prototypes that Apple eventually passed on: one sporting a shaped glass and the other featuring all-aluminum enclosure akin to the iPod...

Early-2000 iPad prototype Steve Jobs trashed

Wouldn't you like to see what Apple's earliest iPad prototype looked like? Now you can, thanks to NetworkWorld which uncovered a deposition by Apple's design guru Jony Ive containing photos of a three dimensional mockup of a tablet that Apple produced as part of the discovery process some time between 2002 and 2004.

It's referred to as the 035 mockup and depicts a thick device made of plastic and without the physical home button. It's a far cry from today's iPad, but at the time must have been pretty futuristic. Looking at these pictures, we're happy that Steve Jobs axed the tablet project a couple times due to weight, excessive power requirements and sluggishness exhibited by the early prototypes...