DrainCheck harnesses Do Not Disturb mode to monitor battery drain on pwned iPhones

Battery consumption is a very real concern among jailbreakers, especially given the fact that certain jailbreak tweak configurations can add to the burden of keeping your phone alive throughout the day.

While most people simply glance at the Status Bar or visit the Battery preference pane in the Settings app to learn more about their battery usage, those who want a brief battery usage report every morning when they wake up might take an interest in a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed DrainCheck by iOS developer Ginsu.

DNDBadges makes notification badges purple when Do Not Disturb mode is turned on

Do Not Disturb mode is an indispensable feature on iPhones and iPads that I’ve grown particularly fond of over the years. Although it isn’t new, I still use it just as much today as I did when it first came out.

There’s just one problem — it’s can be all too easy to forget that you turned Do Not Disturb mode on in the first place, which sometimes results in missed notifications that you otherwise didn’t intend to silence.

Keep prying eyes away from your missed notifications with LeaveMeOff Pro

It’s not uncommon for nosy onlookers to peer at your phone screen from over your shoulder as you enjoy a text message-based conversation with one of your friends or loved ones. Albeit creepy, such is life.

Apple’s iOS mobile operating system takes this fact into account, offering a handy feature in the Messages app’s notification settings that can hide message contents from your Lock Screen’s notification banners under various circumstances. But if that’s still not enough privacy for you, then a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed LeaveMeOff Pro by iOS developer Plat-Ykor could be worth checking out.

Animate or add conditional effects to notification banners with Yokumiru

Although the iPhone’s native notification system is faily stout in its present form, that’s not to say that it couldn’t benefit from a tiny bit of imagination. Perhaps that’s one reason why we see so many different jailbreak tweaks that change the aesthetics of iOS’ notification banners.

One of the latest of such releases is a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Yokumiru by iOS developer Plat_Ykor, which can augment incoming notification banners with slick animations, apply specialized badges to those that contain a user-designated keyword, or conceal the contents of those notification entirely until you’re ready to view them.

MShut subtracts muted conversations from the Messages app’s badge count

A feature of the Messages app that I find absolutely indispensable is the ability to mute individual conversations that I don’t feel like responding to or receiving notifications from. This lets me continue receiving messages and responding to those I want while not being pestered by those that I’ve muted.

As great as this feature is, I’ve found that that missed messages from muted conversations still count against the Messages app’s notification badge count. This means that even if you’re trying to ignore someone in particular, the Messages still serves you with unwanted badge notifications for that specific conversation — and worse — bunches those missed notifications with others from the conversations you actually care about.

How to snooze Calendar notifications on macOS Big Sur

Snooze Calendar Event on MacBook Screen

If you use the Calendar app on your Mac, then you may have enjoyed the ability to snooze calendar notifications for a time you select. While the app defaulted to 15 minutes, you could simply click and hold the snooze button to pick a different time.

But not anymore!

With macOS Big Sur, you are no longer able to select the amount of time for your snooze. Here’s how Calendar notifications work now.

AnimeMyBadges brings a unique breathing animation to notification badges

After receiving a notification from one of your apps, iOS and iPadOS put a badge on the Home Screen’s app icon to alert you to missed and/or pending notifications. The badge appears as a static red dot at the top-right of the icon, and while we’ve seen jailbreak tweaks-a-plenty that permit color customization of these badges, tweaks for animating said badges seem to be far less common.

Enter AnimeMyBadges, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Antony M that gives Your handset’s notification badges a unique breathing animation that causes them to wax and wane with what can only be described as the in-and-out rhythm of a breath.

AngryDuolingo makes the Duolingo app icon look angry when notifications are missed

Duolingo is perhaps one of the most popular apps for learning a new language available on the iOS and iPadOS  platforms, and despite this fact, the app appears to lack the types of fun and quirky Easter eggs that you might come to expect from an app of this caliber.

That’s where a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called AngryDuolingo by iOS developer Idefix2020 comes into play. It makes using the Duolingo app more fun by giving the Home Screen icon some added character as the app accumulates more and more missed notifications.

JBStatusNotifier alerts jailbreakers to the signing service’s certificate status

Apart from checkra1n, side-loadable jailbreak apps like Odyssey and unc0ver comprise of the overwhelming majority of modern jailbreak tools. While these jailbreak apps are easy to install via a computer with AltStore or Xcode, users demand computer-free options, and that’s the exact reason why signing services such as exist.

As convenient as signing services can be in the short-term, they come with a rather conspicuous caveat: their certificates are often revoked, rendering them useless until a new certificate becomes available. With that in mind, developer iCrazeiOS has released a new and free jailbreak tweak dubbed JBStatusNotifier that will help jailbreakers identify when the certificate becomes revoked or signed.