Minimal replaces iOS 14’s bulky notification banners with an Status Bar-based notification indicator instead

Apple’s new iOS 15 mobile operating system makes notification banners smaller and less intrusive to the underlying user interface, but if you’re jailbroken on iOS 14 or below, then you aren’t enjoying the same luxury without a jailbreak tweak of some kind.

iOS developer Jez has just released a new jailbreak tweak called minimal that tries to make notifications less intrusive by displaying them as app icons instead of banners in the Status Bar’s time indicator slot on notched handsets.

Vē is a new jailbreak tweak that keeps detailed notification history logs

When you receive notifications on your iPhone or iPad, there are two primary choices you can make: 1) tap on the notification to view its contents in the respective app; or 2) delete and ignore the notification, never to see it again.

Some people do the latter so frequently that they accidentally delete notifications they don’t intend to. As frustrating as this can be, iOS developer Litten has just released a new and free jailbreak tweak called Vē that logs each and every incoming notification you receive so that it can be referenced by the end user later on.

ShortLook jailbreak tweak goes free ahead of planned Dynastic Repo shutdown

Just under a week ago, the Dynastic Repo repository announced a planned shutdown that would occur sometime next year. Dynastic Repo also noted that it would roll out an archival program that would continue hosting existing tweaks and let users download those tweaks that are already hosted there. Free tweaks would be enrolled in the archival program automatically, while paid tweaks would either need to opt-in to it or move to another repository altogether.

The announcement also included an excerpt pertaining specifically to the popular paid ShortLook jailbreak tweak, which was created by several developers associated with Dynastic Repo including Ayden Panhuyzen, Jamie Bishop, and José Hernandez. Given the upcoming archival program, those developers decided that ShortLook would be made free inline with the upcoming changes. Interestingly enough, however, ShortLook went free much sooner than expected…

Electrode transforms your iPhone’s low power alerts into low power toasts

As an iPhone’s battery level approaches the dangerous sub-20% territory, the handset will automatically alert the user. One thing that has always peeved me about this, however, is that the alert isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as I’d come to expect from a company with a reputation for good looks such as Apple.

For those who agree, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Electrode by iOS developer biD3V offers refuge, as it replaces the iPhone’s traditional low power alerts with something called a Toast, which looks like the pop-up you get when toggling the ringer/silent switch on an iPhone or attaching an Apple Pencil to an iPad to charge.

Ensure iOS’ banner notifications aren’t blocking navigation bar buttons with miniBanner 14

Banner notifications are just one of the native components of iOS 14 that could do with some intuitive design changes by Apple. More specifically, I’ve long felt that they’re just a little bit too large, often covering up navigation bars in apps when they appear for the short time that they do.

Countless jailbreak tweak releases in the past have attempted to remedy this situation by putting notification banners on a diet – an effort to reduce their intrusive footprint over whatever interface you might be using. The latest of such releases is miniBanner 14 by iOS developer MissThee.

Invoke a fake notification to get out of a pinch with Breezy

Most people can relate to being involved in one of those awkward social situations where they just can’t wait to get up and leave, but they don’t have a good reason to and don’t want to come off as rude.

Having said that, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called Breezy by titand3v can offer assistance in this department, as it lets you create fake, yet convincing notifications that can make it look like you’re needed somewhere else.

Contacy provides jailbreakers with a better notification interface for messaging apps

The notification system on the iOS & iPadOS platforms hasn’t changed much in recent years. The stale interface is certainly due for an upgrade, and with iOS & iPadOS 15’s announcement just around the corner, there’s still no telling whether it will receive any changes in the next update.

Fortunately for jailbreakers, sitting around and waiting for Apple to change stuff like this isn’t the only option. That’s because Contacy is a newly released jailbreak tweak by iOS developer XCXiao that brings a popular iOS & iPadOS notification concept originally seen on Reddit to fruition.

Get tiny customizable notification banners on your jailbroken iPhone for free with Liddell

The concept of smaller notification banners has been around for the iOS & iPadOS platforms for quite some time now in the form of jailbreak tweaks, but it’s something that Apple hasn’t yet taken up – not even in the latest iOS & iPadOS 14 releases.

Jailbreakers appear to enjoy this feature because it makes notification banners more compact and prevents them from getting in the way of the buttons on the navigation bar. Personally, I love this feature too, and that’s one reason why I’m so excited about a new and free jailbreak tweak release called Liddell by iOS developer Litten.