How to fix shaky video and rolling shutter in iMovie on Mac

Fix shaky video or rolling shutter iMovie Mac

Even though your devices make shooting video pretty easy, there are times when you can still end up with shaky clips. In addition to that, you might experience something called rolling shutter which is image distortion due to movement.

In iMovie on Mac, there is a way to take care of both of these problems. Here’s how to use iMovie to stabilize shaky video and fix rolling shutter.

How to make trailers in iMovie on Mac and iOS

iMovie Trailer Movie Studio Mac

When you create a new project in iMovie, you have two options. You can make a movie or a trailer. While most times movies are the way to go because you’ll create magic from scratch, trailers have their advantages too.

With a trailer, you’ll start with a template and work with a storyboard, outline, and shot list. This structure gives you a cool way to create a professional-looking movie trailer.

If you’re new to the trailer feature, we’re here to help. Here’s how to create and edit trailers in iMovie.

How to use animated travel map backgrounds in iMovie

Animated map background iMovie Mac

One cool movie idea that you can create in iMovie is for your travels. You can include photos or videos from a vacation, honeymoon, or road trip adventure. And to go along with this nifty project, iMovie offers animated map backgrounds.

With these backgrounds, you can show the moving route for your trip on a map in your movie. This can add something a little extra to your already memorable trip and movie.

Here’s how to add and adjust the animated travel map backgrounds in iMovie on Mac.

How to record video or take a photo right in iMovie

Recording Video FT Camera Mac

You don’t always have the right video clips or images for the movies you create in iMovie. Luckily, you can record video or snap photos right from the app. This lets you go get the shots you want for your video and access them immediately within your iMovie project.

This tutorial shows you how to record video or take photos right in iMovie.

How to add subtitles or captions in iMovie on Mac

Add Subtitle Caption iMovie Mac

If you’re creating a movie or video that requires subtitles for another language, captions for narration, or instructions for a tutorial, you can do this in iMovie on Mac easily. While there isn’t currently an official subtitle or caption feature, it can still be done using the Titles options.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add subtitles or captions in iMovie on your Mac.

How to remove video and keep audio in iMovie

Remove Video Keep Audio iMovie iPhone

The iMovie app is robust enough to let you create some amazing movies and videos. And if you are working with a video that has both sound and visuals, there may be a time when you want to separate the two.

We’ve covered how you can remove sound from a video, but what if you want to do the opposite? This tutorial shows you how to remove the video and keep only the audio in iMovie on both Mac and iOS.

How to place, view and cancel pre-orders in the TV app

Top Preoders TV App Mac

Just like pre-ordering that new iPhone, you can do the same with upcoming movies in the TV app. This is a terrific way to make sure you get the movie you want as soon as it’s released. So you don’t have to mark your calendar or set a reminder.

Pre-ordering upcoming films is easy to do in the TV app on both iOS and Mac. And if you change your mind, you can quickly cancel that pre-order before it’s fulfilled.

This tutorial shows you how to place, view, and cancel pre-orders in the TV app on your devices.

How to export or share iMovie projects on Mac and iOS

Share iMovie Project Mac

If you completed your movie magic in iMovie and want to share your creation, the app makes it easy. You have a few different options to export a movie directly or save it as a file to do with what you wish.

If you have a finished project that you’re ready to share, here’s how to export a movie in iMovie on Mac and iOS.

How to create and manage a playlist in the Apple TV app on Mac

My Playlist TV app Mac

You might be familiar with the Apple TV app on one of your other devices and use it to watch shows and movies. With the macOS Catalina update, Apple brought this app to your Mac. And if you’re new to it, we’re here to help.

You can use the handy playlist feature to set up a night of entertainment for yourself or an afternoon of fun for your family. Here’s how to create and manage a playlist in the TV app on Mac.

How to rate clips in iMovie as favorites or rejected on Mac

iMovie Favorite Reject Menu Bar Mac

If your movie has a lot of clips that you need to sit down and sift through in iMovie, it can be a daunting task. Luckily, iMovie offers a feature to rate your clips. You can mark a clip as a favorite or reject it. Then when you review your clips, you can be sure to use the best ones.

Here’s how to favorite and reject clips in iMovie on Mac.

How to use the Ken Burns effect in iMovie

Ken Burns enabled Mac

If you’re not familiar with the Ken Burns effect, it’s a cool way to add motion to your still images. Named for, well of course, Ken Burns, you can use zooming and panning to bring life to your photos. And luckily, this feature exists in the iMovie app.

This tutorial shows you how to use the Ken Burns effect in iMovie on both Mac and iOS.

How to reverse a video clip in iMovie on Mac

Play Backwards Video Clip in iMovie Mac

You don’t have to be a Hollywood producer to make movies. So if you’ve been following our iMovie tutorials and creating some awesome videos, here’s another helpful feature to try out.

You can reverse a video clip in iMovie on your Mac to have it play backwards. This nifty trick can give your movie a little kick and it’s so simple to do; here’s how.