Let’s Talk iOS

Let’s Talk iOS 278: A quick fix

Cody and Sebastien talk about Angela Ahrendts’ upcoming departure from Apple. Did she leave on her own terms? Did she get fired? It doesn’t matter! This is a good opportunity to discuss the current state of an experience at the Apple Store. This, and also the latest AirPods rumors!

Let’s Talk iOS 277: There is no safety net

A talk about the Group FaceTime bug that allowed people to listen in on you, how Apple handled the situation and whether the company should have been able to prevent it. Also a discussion about how Facebook violated Apple’s terms of service and got its Enterprise Certificate revoked temporarily.

Let’s Talk iOS 275: You’re only cheating yourself

Rumor season is in full swing with talks about a new iPod touch (what!?), new iPad mini, USB-C iPhone, and more. Cody and Sebastien also talk about real existing products that are actually shipping like the Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS. Also, some bad math, and ways to close your rings from your couch.

Let’s Talk iOS 270: Speaking for the masses

Cody just can’t help worry about iPhone sales numbers, while Sebastien tries to reassure him that everything might be just fine. Time will tell about that one… By the way, is Sebastien an Apple hater? Probably not, but you be the judge. Also a discussion about ignorant reports claiming the end of jailbreaking.

Let’s Talk iOS 269: All in on the cloud

After announcing the winner of the iPad Pro giveaway, Cody and Sebastien give a public service announcement, then the two co-hosts talk about Apple ID identity theft scare, how Cody thinks parts of the Apple Watch UI is still messed up, and the new ECG feature on Apple’s wearable.