kok3shi9 & kok3shiX jailbreaks for iOS 9 & 10 now EOL as developer recommends alternatives

kok3shi jailbreak header.

If you haven’t been following along in the iOS 9 jailbreak scene for quite some time now, then we wouldn’t blame you. After all, it has been almost seven years since Apple retired iOS 9 in place of the newer iOS 10 software update, so many people have moved on. Nevertheless, we have some important jailbreak news pertaining to this particular firmware to share with you.

Kok3shi jailbreak updated to v1.0 beta 2 with Cydia installer & other fixes

Just last week, SakuRα Development launched an all-new semi-untethered jailbreak tool dubbed kok3shi for 64-bit iOS 9.3-9.3.6 devices. It was a bit of a surprise given that most of today’s jailbreak-centric news revolves around iOS & iPadOS 13 or 14.

But as is the case with any initial jailbreak release, it would t be long before kok3shi received its first update. As such, SakuRα Development released a second public beta version of the kok3shi jailbreak, officially bringing it up to version 1.0 beta 2.

SakuRα Development launches kok3shi jailbreak for 64-bit iOS 9.3.2-9.3.5 devices

Much of today’s jailbreak-centric news revolves around iOS & iPadOS 13 or 14, with one of the only lone exceptions being the iOS 12-based Chimera jailbreak, which recently received one of its final updates. Still, it’s not completely unheard of to see jailbreak developers work on or release projects related to legacy versions of iOS.

The latest example would be a new jailbreak tool dubbed kok3shi by SakuRα Development, which was only released just this evening. This jailbreak appears to be semi-untethered just like the tried-and-true Odyssey and unc0ver tools are, however unlike those tools, it supports only 64-bit devices running iOS 9.3.2-9.3.5.