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How to schedule a tweet on Twitter to automatically post it later

How to schedule a tweet on Twitter - web

While Twitter has taken its time rolling out the feature to schedule tweets, you may see this option now. Available on, you can schedule a tweet for a certain date and time, review your scheduled tweets, and update or remove one from the schedule if needed.

This tutorial shows you how to do all of this starting with how to schedule tweets on Twitter.

How to see which Twitter lists you’ve been added to

Twitter Lists Youre On iPhone

We’ve shown you how to create your own Twitter lists which are curations of accounts you follow. But have you ever wondered if anyone created a Twitter list and added you to it?

It could be a list of musicians, bloggers, influencers, parents, or just about anything that you’re involved with and show an interest in on Twitter. If you’re curious, here’s how to see which Twitter lists you’ve been added to on iOS, Mac, and the Twitter website.

How to customize your Twitter notifications on iOS, Mac and the web

Twitter app and Notifications MacBook

Social media notifications can be both really helpful and really annoying at the same time. Of course, you want to be notified of things that interest you or you can take action on. But most times, this doesn’t include every single notification offered by the service.

Here, we’ll help you customize your Twitter notifications for only those things you want to see.

How to pin a list on Twitter on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Pinned Lists Home Timeline Twitter Mac

If you take advantage of the List feature on Twitter, then knowing how to pin your lists is quite useful. Once you pin a list, it will appear as another tab on your Twitter Home timeline. So, with a click or a tap, you can jump to that list quickly.

This tutorial shows you how to pin Twitter lists on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to delete all your tweets on Twitter

Twitter tweet keyboard

If you’re a Twitter user and want to start fresh, you may decide to delete all of your tweets. There might be some tweets that you’d like to simply erase from your account for personal or professional reasons. You know the saying, “some things are better left unsaid”? Well, if it’s on Twitter, it’s been said.

While you can delete a tweet manually, Twitter doesn’t offer a way to delete bulk tweets and is clear about that on their Twitter Help page. So now what?

There are a few services that you can use to take care of wiping out your tweet history. We’ll show you a couple of them and let you decide which works best for you.

How to use Twitter Search like a pro

Twitter Entertainment News

Twitter offers a search feature, just like most similar applications. The problem is, sometimes you still can’t find what you’re looking for. With this in mind, here is a helpful list of search options that can help.

So, if you’re ready, here’s how to use Twitter search like a pro.