Tim Cook reaffirms Apple has no desire to become a MVNO carrier

Apple CEO Tim Cook was interviewed at Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam today by retired European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, Nellie Kroes.

Asked if Apple would consider launching its own telecommunications service to cut off carriers, Cook responded by ruling out an Apple MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

CookĀ saidĀ hisĀ company lacks the expertise to do so and reiterated that AppleĀ is in fact quite content with the things carriers do.

Apple working with cell providers on eSIM

The wireless industry’s biggest fearā€”that mobile customers could one day switch service on a whim without changing their SIM cardā€”is coming true. Following years of opposition to technologies that would allow people to easily changeĀ carrier on the fly, the likes of Apple, Samsung and others are now working with the mobile standards organization GSMA on electronic SIM cards for consumer devices.

The Financial Times newspaper reported Thursday that Apple and Samsung are ā€œin advanced talksā€ with mobile telecom groups on a standardized embedded SIM card for consumer devices, the so-called e-SIM.