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How to snooze Calendar notifications on macOS Big Sur

Snooze Calendar Event on MacBook Screen

If you use the Calendar app on your Mac, then you may have enjoyed the ability to snooze calendar notifications for a time you select. While the app defaulted to 15 minutes, you could simply click and hold the snooze button to pick a different time.

But not anymore!

With macOS Big Sur, you are no longer able to select the amount of time for your snooze. Here’s how Calendar notifications work now.

How to show battery percentage on macOS Big Sur

Menu Bar with Battery Percentage

There are plenty of changes to the appearance of items on macOS Big Sur. And while we covered how to customize your menu bar and Dock, you might be looking for one item in particular - battery percentage.

If you’re missing the indicator with the battery percentage in your menu bar since upgrading to macOS Big Sur, and don’t see it in the battery settings, we’ll show you where to find this feature.

Here’s how to show battery percentage in the Mac menu bar running Big Sur or later.

How to sort Mail on Mac with macOS Big Sur or later

How to Sort Mail on Mac Big Sur

If you’ve upgraded to macOS Big Sur, then you’re seeing some changes in appearance from previous macOS versions. When you open Safari, you’ll notice the toolbar and tabs look different, and in Finder, the sidebar stretches from top to bottom. One other app window that has had some adjustments is Mail.

While the changes in Mail mostly apply to appearance, there is one aspect that people are looking for and that’s how to sort mail. You used to have a dedicated spot at the top left of your mailbox headers to pick how you wanted to sort, but that’s gone. So if you’re wondering, here’s how to sort Mail on macOS Big Sur.

macOS Big Sur FAQ: All your questions answered

Apple's promotional image for the macOS Big Sur software update for Mac computers

Some people have already downloaded, installed, and gotten used to macOS Big Sur. The newness has probably already worn off for them! But if you’re still contemplating whether or not you should, aren’t sure if you’re Mac model can handle it, or just want some basic questions answered, here’s your macOS Big Sur FAQ.

How to do a clean install of macOS 11 Big Sur

Power users usually prefer to start a fresh new installation of Big Sur rather than upgrade the existing copy of the macOS operating system on their Mac. If you're among them, you'll need to perform a clean install of Big Sur. The process entails doings things such as backing up your Mac, wiping off the current operating system and creating a bootable installer. Follow this tutorial for detailed instructions on how to perform a clean install of macOS Big Sur.

How to force universal Mac apps to run under Rosetta emulation instead of natively

Apple provides the enhanced Universal 2 binary feature to its developers who wish to ship macOS apps that pack in code for both Intel and Apple Silicon systems. In other words, a universal binary runs natively on both Apple M1 and Intel-based Mac computers because it contains executable code for both architectures. However, certain edge cases may justify running a native Apple Silicon app under Rosetta emulation, and we show you how it's done.

Lack of eGPU support in M1 Macs may only be temporary

Mac with eGPU

As iDownloadBlog reported a few days ago, the new Apple Silicon-powered M1 Macs do not support external GPUs (eGPU), but that could be a temporary hiccup. That's because macOS Big Sur has bee discovered to detect a connected eGPU over Thunderbolt 3, although it's not exposed to the user or actually accessible for compute and graphics tasks.