Alarm Clock

AlarmGroups brings a popular grouped alarm concept for iOS to life

Many people use the alarm feature in their iPhone’s Clock app to wake up on time for school or work every morning, but sometimes users will hit the stop button and inadvertently fall back asleep, defeating the purpose of setting the alarm in the first place.

You could create a cascade of alarms to prevent this from being a problem, or you could use a new free jailbreak tweak called AlarmGroups by iOS developer Fouad Raheb, which streamlines the process of generating and grouping multiple alarms to ensure you wake up every morning.

Add countdown timers to your pending iPhone alarms with SleepyTime

If you get up for class or work every morning, then you’re probably accustomed to setting the alarm on your iPhone to ensure you wake up early enough. iOS’ alarm interface is rather polished right out of the box, but there’s still room for improvement.

A free jailbreak tweak called SleepyTime by iOS developer SparkDev enhances iOS’ alarm interface by displaying the time remaining before one or more of your alarms fire off.

How to set and manage alarms on HomePod

Blue HomePod mini on a white table

Like other Apple devices, your HomePod permits you to set custom alarms.

You can create multiple alarms using just your voice, optionally add some context to them, if you like, and more. Your Siri speaker will signal you when one of your created alarms goes off.

Siri on HomePod allows you to create as many alarms as you want, manage them, remove ones you no longer need, turn specific alarms on or off, create recurring alarms, and more.

Alarms do not synchronize across multiple devices via iCloud. Any alarms created using your HomePod will not appear on your Mac, iPhone, or other devices, and vice versa.

Safe Alarm 3 adds powerful features to your iPhone alarm

So many people rely on alarms from their smartphone to wake up in the morning that when a major new jailbreak tweak comes out that improves the stock alarm system on the iPhone, it’s a big deal.

Safe Alarm 3 by Douglas Soares is a noteworthy release in Cydia that expands upon the alarm system in iOS by giving you a trough of new options to configure, including new ways to be woken up.

CasualAlarm uses random songs from your music library for alarm sounds

Tons of people use their iPhone as a means of waking up every morning thanks to the built-in alarm feature, and while there are a number of alarm tones to pick from and despite being able to choose any local song on your device as an alarm sound, there is very little diversity whenever you choose either of these methods.

A new free jailbreak tweak called CasualAlarm aims to spice things up by randomizing whatever your alarm might be when it’s time to wake up in the morning, and it does this by shuffling through your very own music library. With it, you will have something different to listen to each morning when it’s time to wake up.

iOS 10 preview: keep yourself well-rested with Bedtime and Wake alarm

In addition to a gorgeous new dark interface, the Clock app on iOS 10 packs i a little-known but useful new feature— Bedtime and Wake alarm. With it, you can set up a regular sleep schedule to receive reminders when it's time to hit the bed and wake up.

By making it easier than ever to create a regular sleep schedule and receive timely bedtime alerts, this feature could help the insomniac types get a good night's sleep. With that in mind, watch our video hands-on and read a detailed preview of the new Bedtime and Wake alarm feature in iOS 10's Clock app.

How to stop your iPhone from vibrating when your alarm rings

By default, any time you set an alarm on your iPhone, it'll vibrate when the alarm goes off. For some people, this is a good way to help get woken up, but for others it's a waste of battery and can be completely annoying to hear that loud vibration on the night stand.

In this tutorial, intended for iPhone users only, we'll be showing you how you can set up an alarm so that your iPhone doesn't vibrate when it goes off.

How to disable the Snooze button of your iPhone alarm

Disable alarm Snooze on iPhone

Having the ability to snooze when your alarm rings has probably saved millions of people from getting to work late by ringing the alarm again and not letting you continue sleeping. But I find it to be an annoying feature. When my alarm rings, I just don't want to snooze and fall back half asleep, only to be reminded nine minutes later that it's really time to wake up when the alarm rings again.

Up until recently, I hadn't realized you could actually disable the Snooze button altogether. Granted, I don't use alarms very often, which is probably why I never noticed this option was right there in front of me. If you're anything like me and want to disable the Snooze option from your alarms, then read on.

Wake Alarm Clock goes free as Apple’s App of the Week

Heads-up deal seekers. Apple has named Tiny Hearts Limited's "Wake Alarm Clock" its App of the Week for this week. This means that from now through next Thursday, you'll be able to pick up the popular alarm clock app for free for both iPhone and iPad—a solid savings of $4.

For those unfamiliar with the app, Wake is highly regarded for its beautiful and intuitive design, and its range of various alarm modes. You can slap your phone to activate a short snooze, flip it to turn off all alarms, or you can set it so you have to shake your phone to turn all alarms off.