How to create a macOS 12 Monterey installer on an external drive

Update: The guide has been updated to reflect name changes in the Monterey beta application. Please note, there is a bug in the beta 7 installer application which prevents it from making an installer correctly. Use beta 8 or later instead.

This tutorial goes through the process of creating an install drive from the newly-released macOS Monterey beta application. Having an external drive allows you to install the OS to multiple computers without re-downloading it, perform clean installs instead of initiating them from within an existing OS, and boot to the installer's built-in recovery for troubleshooting tools.

Fast-charging your iPhone 12 requires Apple’s new $19 20W USB-C charger, sold separately

Want to fast-charge your iPhone 12 with Apple's discontinued 18W power adapter that you previously used for fast-changing your older iPhone? Not so fast — that 18W charger that came in the box with your iPhone 11/iPad Pro won't fast-charge the latest iPhone 12 lineup. For that, you'll need Apple's new 20W charger which must be purchased separately for $19 a pop.

The best USB chargers for iPhone

There are a lot of reasons to look at buying a new USB charger. Maybe you just got a new smartphone or gadget that didn't come with one. Maybe you need one for travel or one that supports multiple devices. Whatever the reason, iDB has you covered. We've put together this roundup of the best USB chargers for iPhones (and other devices).