How to connect and use a flash drive, hard disk, SSD, or SD card with your iPad

Connect and use flash drive with your iPad

You can easily connect a flash drive, SD card, thumb drive, camera, USB drive, USB stick, memory stick, photo stick, and other kind of external storage with your iPad. Once done, you can move files between the external drive and your local iPad storage (or iCloud Drive).

In this tutorial, we'll share everything you need and show you how to use flash drives on iPad.

This guide applies to all iPads, including the iPad mini and the powerful iPad Pro, and it works with all recent versions of iPadOS.

How to use your iPhone or iPad as a USB drive on Mac or Windows PC

Use iPhone as USB pen drive on computer

With a USB stick, you can store all kind of data and move files from one computer to another. You can do the same with your iOS device when connected to a Mac or PC.

In this tutorial, we'll show how to efficiently use your iPhone or iPad as a flash drive to store files or move them around. We cover both wired and wireless methods.

How to fix hard drive, flash drive, SSD, phone, or other USB device not connecting to your Mac or disconnecting repeatedly

Connecting USB drive to Mac

When you connect an external hard drive, SSD, GPU, camera, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, flash drive, or any other device to your Mac's USB port, do they immediately disconnect and not show up in Finder, desktop, or the relevant app?

Multiple instances of a USB device connecting and instantly disconnecting can lead to device failure, data corruption, or permanent data loss! In this guide, we list the solutions to fix USB devices not connecting to your Mac and other related issues.