Apple ID

How to keep your Apple ID and iCloud ID secure

Secure your Apple ID

Your Apple ID or iCloud ID (same thing) contain valuable data such as your contacts, messages, photos, calendar events, files, third-party app data, payment methods, Apple ID balance, device backups, shipping & billing addresses, contact information, and more.

Therefore, it's critical to keep your Apple account secure, and in this guide, we will share 13 essential tips to achieve a high level of security.

Why iPhone keeps asking for your Apple ID password and how to fix it

Apple ID Password iPhone

Are you seeing repetitive verification popups or notifications on your iPhone asking you to enter your Apple ID password? Even after entering the correct password, it reappears asking for the password over and over again!

Here are the solutions to fix this and stop your iPhone, iPad, or Mac from asking for the Apple ID password again and again.

How to sign out of iCloud or Apple ID and sign in again

Apple ID Settings showing Sign Out option on iPhone

This tutorial shows you the steps to sign out of iCloud and your Apple ID (both are the same) on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. It also mentions the steps to sign in again. The entire process is easy but has some consequences. Let us tell you everything about this.