Get $50 off this highly-rated smart air quality monitor


Dwelling air quality is one of those things that you probably never think about, but it could have a significant impact on your health. With that in mind, you may want to consider picking up one of these air quality monitors from Airthings. It’s smart, extremely well-reviewed, and right now it’s $50 off.

What you need to know:

  • Clean air sensors for detecting radon, carbon dioxide (CO2), toxins and chemicals, humidity, temperature and air pressure
  • Connects via Bluetooth to the Airthings app and/or website
  • On-board motion sensor lets you wave your hand in front of the device to get a quick color-coded visual indication of current air quality
  • Works seamlessly with Alexa and Google (unfortunately no HomeKit), as well as IFTTT
  • Has a 4.5 star Amazon customer rating on more than 1,200 reviews
  • Average retail price is around $200, with a high of $270, so a significant savings here

Why should you be concerned about your air quality? Well take CO2 and radon, two fairly common gasses that can cause serious health problems if you’re exposed to high levels for extended periods of time. And since they’re both odorless and colorless, you’d have a hard time detecting them without help.

Buy for $149