Apple releases new colors for AirTag Leather Loop and Leather Key Ring

Today is apparently a stealth launch day for new Apple accessories. After launching the brand new MagSafe Battery Pack, the company is back at it again with new colors for an existing product. This time, it’s an accessory for an accessory.

Today, Apple launched new colors for the AirTag Leather Loop and Leather Key Ring. Other than the new colors, nothing about the Leather Loop or Key Ring is changing. They are each still specifically created for the AirTag item tracker, making it quick and easy to attach the tracking accessory to something you want to keep track of.

The prices are staying the same for each, too. The AirTag Leather Loop is still priced at $39, while the AirTag Leather Key Ring costs $35. You can see the Leather Loop pictured just below in the new Baltic Blue color, while the Leather Key Ring is pictured further down in California Poppy.

As for the new colors, the Leather Loop is now available in the aforementioned Baltic Blue, Forest Green, and California Poppy. Before today, the Leather Loop was only available in (PRODUCT)RED and Saddle Brown. Next up, the Leather Key Ring is now available in Forest Green and California Poppy. Before that, the accessory was available in Baltic Blue, (PRODUCT)RED, and Saddle Brown.

The new colors for the AirTag Leather Loop and the AirTag Leather Key Ring are available now. Fastest shipping gets the accessories to your door on Thursday, July 15, for $8. Free shipping will get the new AirTag accessories to your door by Friday, July 16.

What do you think of the new color options?