Replica, Podz, Light Alarm, and other apps to check out this weekend

In this week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup we have a screen-casting utility, a clip-oriented podcast client, and a clever alarm clock. And as always, we’ve selected two great games for you to check out.


We covered this app about a year or so and it just received a notable update, so here we are. For those unfamiliar, Replica allows you to mirror your iPhone screen to Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Chromecast TV devices. And with the latest update, now you can cast your display to any modern web browser.

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This isn’t your average podcast client. Podz is an audio newsfeed, tailored specifically for you, using the best parts of your favorite podcasts. So you are essentially served up 60 second highlight clips, and if you like one you can tap on it to hear the full episode. You can also browse various topics and hashtags for discovery.

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Light Alarm – Wake-Up Light

Here is an interesting take on the alarm clock app. Light Alarm uses your phone’s LED light combined with gentle bird sounds to wake you up…slowly. So the light starts out dim and gradually gets brighter, and the audio gets louder. There is some science behind this method of waking up vs. a screeching bell or siren.

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Cat game: Find different spots

Looking for a different kind of game to check out this weekend? Here you go. Cat game is essentially a ‘spot the difference’ title, in which you look at two images that have subtle differences and you try to point them all out. I know the cat angle is kind of weird, but the graphics are charming and the music relaxing.

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Letter Wizard Search

Enjoy word searches? Sure you do, everyone does. There’s nothing really game-changing bout Letter Wizard Search, but the vintage graphics sort of remind me of those old word search booklets, so it gets points for nostalgia. I also like that there are no ads, no IAPs, and no unnecessary features like pay-to-upgrade characters.

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