Apple Car rumors, health products, new betas, and listeners Q&A on this week’s Downtime podcast

Sebastien and Cody run down all of the latest Apple Car rumors and discuss their validity. The pair also imagines future Apple health devices and answer a number of listener-submitted questions.

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Topics mentioned on the show

Apple Car:

Health: Apple may be developing its own health hardware products

New beta:

What we’ve been watching:

  • Molly’s game on Netflix
  • Palmer on Apple TV+

Listeners Q&A

Ian (the Welshman) asks by email: Just curious, what do you guys do for day jobs, interested to know how your days are filled. Good luck with the new format.

Nathan asks on Twitter: iOS 14.5 brings the ability to unlock your iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask, as long as you’re wearing your Apple Watch. Is this enough to get ‪Sebastien to wear his Apple Watch on a regular basis again?

Ted asks by email: Hi Guys, love the new format. Always something to learn from your casual chatter. Being in my seventies and crazy about Apple Music, I have brought my children onboard with the family plan. I have recently given thought about how on earth the kids close down my apple subscriptions when the day of my demise happens. Any thoughts on this problem?

Anthony says by email: Hey Sebastien and Cody. Love the podcast-been a long time listener. About Cody’s “Downtime” song-you should hold a contest where listeners submit their rendition of the song with music. Winner could receive merch of some kind(if you decide to make some, which you should), or an Apple product(iTunes gift card, AirPods, etc), or some other “tech” prize. Again, really enjoy the show!!

Thank you to our German friend @_conath for sending in our first voice memo and for creating this awesome fanfare for Cody’s song.

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