Import Music Playlist on a MacBook

If you use more than one music service or simply want to back up one of your playlists, the Music app on Mac can accommodate you. While there are additional tools and other methods, you do have the ability to pull in a playlist you saved from another location or save a current Music playlist as a backup or to import to a different service.

Here, we’ll show you how to easily import and export playlists in the Music app on Mac.

Import a playlist in Music on Mac

Importing a playlist is super simple in Music on Mac.

1) Open Music and click File > Library > Import Playlist from the menu bar.

2) Navigate to the location of the file, select it, and click Open.

3) The imported playlist will appear in the Playlists section of the sidebar.

Import an Apple Music Playlist on Mac

If you’d like to rename it, select to display its details in the main Music window, click the name, and enter a new one.

Imported Apple Music Playlist on Mac

Export a playlist in Music on Mac

The steps are just as easy for exporting your playlist in Apple Music.

1) Open Music and select a playlist from the Playlists section of the sidebar.

2) Click File > Library > Export Playlist from the menu bar.

3) Choose a location, optionally rename your playlist, and change the file type if necessary. You can export your list as a plain text, Unicode text, XML, M3U, or M3U8 file, depending on what you plan to do with it.

4) Click Save.

Export an Apple Music Playlist on Mac

Do more with your playlists

Whether Apple Music, Spotify, or Shazam, you can manage your playlists easily with these additional how-tos.

Wrapping it up

Playlists are your best friends when it comes to your favorite tunes. And if you use multiple services like Apple Music, Spotify, or another, it’s handy to share those lists so your favs are always at hand.

Which music apps or services do you like most? Do you switch between them or prefer to stick with just one? Share your thoughts!