How to save translations and browse recents in the Translate app

Favorites in Translate iPhone

With iOS 14, Apple brought a handy new app to iPhone called Translate. Aside from receiving translations in several languages from French to German to Spanish, you can save translations. This lets you mark favorites and refer to them any time you need them.

This tutorial shows you how to save and browse your recent translations in the Translate app on iPhone.

Save translations as favorites

Saving a translation to your Favorites takes just a tap. Tap the Star icon at the bottom of the translation. The only thing to keep in mind is that the star only displays when you use the app in portrait mode. So if you’re in landscape view, just turn your device to save a translation.

Save Favorite in Translate iPhone

You can unfavorite a translation later if you no longer need to keep it. Tap Favorites at the bottom, select the translation, and unmark that star. Alternatively, you can swipe the translation from right to left and tap Unfavorite.

Unfavorite in Translate iPhone

Browse recent translations

To see your recent translations, such as those you don’t mark as favorites, tap the Favorites tab at the bottom. Then, scroll down until you see Recents. You can tap to select a recent translation and hit the Play button to hear it again or the Star to mark it as a favorite.

Recents in Translate iPhone

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Wrapping it up

If you’ve tried and been disappointed with translation apps over the years, the Translate app provided with iOS 14 might be the perfect solution. Let us know what you think of it! You can comment below or message us on Twitter.