Apple launched a new MacBook Air earlier this year, bringing with it a 13-inch Retina display, and, perhaps most importantly, the scissor switch keyboard. So now you may need a case to protect it.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best case options for your new 13-inch MacBook Air, some with slim designs and others with more prominent, eye-catching aesthetics. All of them will help keep your MacBook Air protecting from day-to-day use. So let’s get right into it.

The best MacBook Air cases

Twelve South BookBook

Twelve South has made a name for itself by making a wide range of fantastic accessories for Apple products over the years. Many of them are designed to be eye-catching right out of the box, and the BookBook for the MacBook Air is certainly no different. This case isn’t small, but it does provide full body protection when the case is closed. It will protect the back of the MacBook Air’s lid and the bottom of the notebook when the device is opened.

And as you can tell, the BookBook is designed to look like an old-fashioned leather-bound book. It’s made from hand-crafted genuine leather, and there are two hardback book covers and a riding spine that offer some shock absorption. Meanwhile, the interior is a soft micro-fiber that won’t scratch the MacBook Air when it’s installed.

There is a hidden pocket that’s accessible under the MacBook Air, too, which can store some loose papers and documents. It will also fit the 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro and newer models as well.

The BookBook case for the MacBook Air is available now from Amazon.

Buy Twelve South BookBook for $59.99


The Spigen case for the new MacBook Air is designed to be minimal and low-impact, protecting your notebook without adding any major bulk for day-to-day use. It is constructed from a premium knit fabric, which will prevent scratches. The case also offers precise cutouts for the headphone jack and the pair of USB-C ports, so you won’t have any issues connecting accessories to your MacBook Air.

The case also features an elevated bottom, which will help prevent any overheating issues.

Spigen’s case for the MacBook Air is available now from Amazon in either black or rose gold color options.

Buy Spigen’s MacBook Air case for $29.99


The ProCase has a slim design, but it’s a hardshell which means it offers extra durability when compared to other thin cases out there for the MacBook Air. It has a wrap-around bumper to help protect against drops thanks to its built-in shock absorbency, and there is a foldable built-in stand as well.

Accessing ports is easy thanks to the cutouts, and the bottom of the heavy duty case is ventilated to help prevent any overheating issues, thanks to four rows of cooling holes. The back of the lid is protected by an anti-scratch layer as well.

The case is easy to snap on and off when needed, and it’s available now in grey from Amazon.

Buy the ProCase hardshell MacBook Air case for $29.99


The Incase option is another thin shell, but it’s a hardshell design as well. The case is made from the reliable Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate material, which will help prevent any scratches from marking up your MacBook Air, but also protect it against minor drops as well. The case also features a Woolenex material overlay, which is abrasion-resistant.

That Woolenex is woven from both 300D and 600D polyester, and designed to help make the case weather-resistant. And it’s a form-fitting case, which means you can find precise cutouts for the headphone jack and two USB-C ports. It is also thoroughly ventilated, so MacBook Air owners shouldn’t run into any overheating issues.

The Incase MacBook Air case is available now from Amazon in Graphite, Heather Navy, and Blush Pink color options.

Buy the Incase MacBook Air case for $69.95 – $85.32

Twelve South Journal

If you like the aesthetic of a Twelve South case, but don’t want something as big as the BookBook, then the Journal is for you. It will fit your MacBook Air in the same way the BookBook does, giving it full-body protection when the case is closed, and protecting the back and bottom of the notebook when it’s opened. There is a zipper that will enclose the case around the MacBook Air as well.

The full-grain leather is sourced from New Zealand, an eco-friendly vegetable tanning process, and a waxed finish. The hidden interior pocket is there underneath the MacBook Air as well. The corners of the Journal are reinforced, and the spine is cushioned, all of which will help protect the MacBook Air from impact. The interior is micro-fiber so the Journal won’t scratch your MacBook Air.

The Journal from Twelve South is available now from Amazon.

Buy the Twelve South Journal for $119.70

So, there’s the quick roundup of some of the best case options for the recently refreshed 13-inch MacBook Air. If you have any other suggestions let us know in the comments below!