Learning a new skill isn’t just a great way to develop yourself and start a new hobby, it can also be a path towards a new career. Online courses are now a legitimate way to build fun and potentially lucrative talents without the hassle or costs of traditional schools. These eight courses are on sale at Cyber Monday prices and full of awesome new skills you can master right at home.

The Complete iOS 13 & SwiftUI Developer Bundle

This four-course bundle has been tailored to teach new learners how to build and develop their own apps for iOS 13. Jump in, and you’ll learn to use Swift to create beautiful apps you can sell on the app store. Lessons include practical projects which instruct users how to create apps like Uber and Instagram. The regular price for these four courses is $1,996 but they’re available as a bundle for over 90% off — only $7.60 with promo code: CMSAVE60.

The Speed Reading Mastery Bundle

The biggest obstacle to getting the most out of reading is time. With speed reading, you can fly through articles and finish up to 300 books a year. This six-course bundle includes tons of lessons that will teach even slow readers the tricks and techniques to finish and comprehend text faster. These courses normally cost a total of $1,200 but all these courses available now for just $8.40 with CMSAVE60.

The Complete Digital Marketing Super Bundle

There’s tons of money to be made online that doesn’t require learning how to program. This in-depth 57 hour course bundle includes everything new digital marketers need to know including Facebook marketing, Google AdWords, SEO and more. This bundle is on sale for 97% off and you can learn digital marketing for just $14.80 with promo code: CMSAVE60.

The Complete 2020 Google SEO & Growth Hacking Bundle

Websites don’t become popular and profitable just by accident. With the right knowledge you can drive traffic to your site using SEO, targeted ads and proven brand strategies. These courses teach the art of going viral, and this bundle is on sale for $10 with promo code: CMSAVE60.

The Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle

If you know your way around the English language and find joy in writing, you should try a career in copywriting. Use your writing talents to earn money online with the skills this copywriting master class collection teaches. By learning how to sell your writing and market yourself, you can earn a living with your words. This bundle is on sale for 96% off the full price for only $15.60 with promo code: CMSAVE60.

The Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud Certification Bundle

Photoshop is the ultimate photo-editing software, and with the right knowledge you can turn ordinary images into magical masterpieces. This huge bundle includes eight expert courses and 350+ lessons that will turn a beginner Photoshop user into a photo-editing wizard. These courses sell for $1,600 but now you can get the entire bundle for $13.60 with promo code: CMSAVE60.

The Complete Amazon FBA A-Z Bundle

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest marketplaces, and with the right know-how you can use it to make money. This course bundle is a comprehensive guide that details how to set up and run a profitable store on Amazon, including sections on merchandise, pricing, product-design and more. This bundle is now available for $11.60 with promo code: CMSAVE60.

The Complete Microsoft Excel & VBA Bundle

Every office needs a Microsoft Excel expert, and this in-depth bundle includes all the tricks and techniques that power-users employ. Improve your workflow and manage data the right way by learning the skills taught by these nine courses. Though it normally sells for $300, this Microsoft Excel bundle is on sale for $12.00 with promo code: CMSAVE60.

Note: Software not included. Prices subject to change.