The best new phone on the market is the powerful and sleek Apple iPhone 11. But with its dual/triple-camera system and glass display, it’s also vulnerable to drops and scratches. Getting a proper case to keep your new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro in pristine condition is a must. Many people buy the phone case while their new phone is still on its way. Luckily these four cases designed specifically for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are all on sale for half-off — or more.

iPM iPhone 11/Pro Credit Card Holder Shock Resistant Fabric Case

The iPhone 11 Credit Card Holder Shock Resistant Fabric Case can hold 2 to 3 business cards or a credit card. This thin yet drop-resistant case can give you an excuse to ditch your wallet, freeing up pocket-space and protecting your phone at the same time. It’s currently on sale at half-price for $12.99.

iPM iPhone 11/Pro Carbon Fiber Protective Case

This iPhone Carbon Fiber Protective Case provides protection along with a minimalistic design that doesn’t betray Apple aesthetics. The surface is non-slip, anti-fingerprint, and anti-scratch so it will remain sleek. Plus, this case comes in a variety of colors. It’s on sale for 56% off the usual price for $12.99.

iPhone 11/Pro Case with Hidden Credit Card Slot

This case is a twist on the credit card holder. It features a hidden card slot so your credit card stays out of sight when you’ve got your phone out. The iPhone 11 Case with Hidden Credit Card Slot is also equipped with a thick material that guarantees shock-resistant protection, so dropping your phone won’t necessarily be a costly disaster. It normally costs $25.99, but for now this case is on sale for $12.99 — that’s a 50% savings.

iPM PU Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 with Kickstand

The iPM PU Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 is designed for a classy yet subtle look that remains compact and usable. In addition to protecting iPhone screens from damage, this wallet case features slots for credit cards, ID cards, and a pocket for bills. It can also be used as a kickstand for better photo and video browsing. You can get this iPhone 11 Leather Wallet Case on sale for $12.99 — a 56% discount off its full price.