Email is supposed to simplify communication, but it can easily become unruly. Thousands of messages piling up with no order or easy way to sort them out; productivity grinds to a stand-still unless you’re dedicating tons of time to curating your inbox. Or, you can use Mixmax, a browser-extension productivity suite for Gmail that seriously simplifies email.

Mixmax is designed to boost productivity in online businesses and ultimately create a better experience for customers. Users can create automated workflows across apps like Slack, Salesforce, DocuSign and more to get more done faster.

Never lose track of conversations by setting up automatic text-alerts and Slack messages for when an email goes unanswered. Plus, Mixmax allows you to see when someone has viewed your email, so you can follow up and keep the communication loop going strong.

Rather than send out messages one-by-one or an identical mass-email to your entire costumer base, Mixmax also features tools that let you personalize bulk emails. Businesses will also save tons of time with templates and email scheduling, reducing the need to compose messages. Plus, you can gather valuable data and customer opinions with embedded surveys and polls.

Mixmax isn’t just a business tool though, individual users also benefit from these tools. Google Drive and Dropbox compatibility, download tracking, reminders, and integrated web previews all create a slicker and more efficient Gmail experience that anyone can benefit from.

Mixmax is free to try, and costs as little as $9 per month for the starter package. Mixmax also offers custom pricing for advanced data reports and workflow automation, as well as the ability to place calls directly from Gmail or Salesforce.

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