How to disable haptic feedback when scrolling with the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch

Digital Crown haptic feedback

Apple says that Digital Crown haptic feedback built into Apple Watch Series 4 was designed to deliver a precise click-like feel as you scroll, and it really does, but some people find it annoying. If you count yourself in that group, then do follow along with our step-by-step tutorial as we show you how to disable Digital Crown haptic feedback on your Series 4 wearable.

Digital Crown haptic feedback

Apple feels physical feedback is very important.

That’s why Apple Watch Series 4 packs in a redesigned Digital Crown with a re-engineered mechanism that supports system haptics via the Taptic Engine, which is Apple’s electromagnetic oscillating linear actuator found in all Apple Watch models.

Digital Crown haptic on Apple Watch Series 4
Thank to haptic feedback, the Digital Crown in Series 4 delivers click-like feel as you scroll.

Having haptic feedback when turning the Digital Crown makes all the difference versus feeling nothing, as is the case with the Digital Crowns on older watches. Thanks to system haptics, you get a much richer, metallic and responsive feel when interacting with apps and the watchOS operating system by turning or pressing the Digital Crown.

Navigating in apps with long lists, like Podcasts and Calendar, is much easier with Digital Crown haptic feedback as you can precisely flip through a bunch of list items. Digital Crown haptic feedback is on by default, but you can turn it off at any time.

The ability to turn Digital Crown haptic feedback on or off requires watchOS 6 or later.

Digital Crown haptic in watchOS 6

The feature was first publicly mentioned by Kevin Lynch, Apple’s Vice President of Technology, as part of the watchOS 6 segment during the June 3 keynote address at Apple’s annual developers conference, which was held June 3-7 in San Jose, California.

Follow along with us to learn how to turn off Digital Crown haptic feedback.

How to disable Digital Crown haptic feedback on Apple Watch

Do the following on your Apple Watch Series 4 or later powered by the watchOS 6+ software:

1) Open the Settings app.

2) Choose System & Haptics from the main list.

3) Slide the toggle next to Crown Haptics to the OFF position in order to disable Digital Crown haptic feedback. As mentioned, haptic feedback for the Digital Crown is on by default.

“Apple Watch can play haptics when you turn the Digital Crown to scroll,” reads Apple’s description of the feature.

Again, haptic feedback for the Digital Crown is only available on Series 4 and newer watches. If you have a Series 3 model or older, or don’t have the watchOS 6 update or later installed on your wearable device, the toggle won’t even show up in Settings.

watchOS 6 compatibility

Like watchOS 5, the watchOS 6 update is compatible with all Apple Watch models with the sole exception of the original model (Series 0). watchOS 6 runs fine on Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and Series 4 watches but some features may require newer hardware.

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