The bedrock of all apps is their function and feel, and more important than the stated purpose of the app is its functionality. If users aren’t able to easily navigate an app they won’t spend the time learning how. They’ll simply uninstall and move on to the next option in the app store.

The science behind the look and feel of apps is called User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Designers specializing in these skills are highly sought-after, and their techniques are utilized in every popular app.

If you have an app idea but are unsure how to make it attractive and easy to use, you can either hire a UI/UX expert or learn it yourself. The latter option is surprisingly doable. The Mobile Design Master Class is a course that covers both iOS and Android app design and features assignments, quizzes, and practical work.

Designing user-friendly apps isn’t only an essential skill for app creators, it’s also an in-demand job skill. Freelance UI/UX designers can make money by using their skills to polish apps for companies and other creators.

The Mobile Design Master Class is a good way to break into the UI/UX field, as it features over 100 lectures and hours of content. It’s available now for 93% off the retail value of $200, for $12.99.

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