Is the content on your favorite websites and apps enough to keep you coming back, or does something else draw your attention? If a website or app isn’t user-friendly, chances are you won’t revisit it. This is why companies need talented UI and UX designers who develop innovative ways to keep their audiences engaged, and you can train to be one too with this $29 bundle.

The Ultimate UX/UI Designer Bundle features 8 courses on how to design intriguing user experiences. To become a UX/UI designer, you’ll need to know several languages, namely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are covered in 4 courses. They’ll introduce you to the basics of each language, how to build and style your own websites, set up Bootstrap in your web pages, and more.

Once you’re comfortable with these languages, you can move on to the design courses themselves, which draws from your previously learned coding language to help you design projects in a way that’s intuitive to your end-users. This includes courses on creating graphics with Illustrator and choosing the perfect fonts and colors with Adobe XD.

UX designers who understand user psychology are invaluable when creating apps or websites that attract millions. If you want your work to reel in such audiences, you can buy the Ultimate UX/UI Designer Bundle for $29, or 98% off.

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