In today’s roundup of tech deals from around the web we have discounts on everything from 4K Smart TVs to video games, and just about everything in between. But don’t wait, these prices won’t be around for long!

FIFA 19 Online Game Code

Amazon right now has a great deal on EA Sports’ FIFA 19. This is the latest entry in the widely popular soccer/futbol franchise, and you can download it to your PC with ease. We’ve seen it hit $20 before, but it typically runs around $35 and of course still retails some places for $60. Don’t wait!

Anker 10W Wireless Charging Stand

Here is a solid deal on Anker’s 10W wireless charging stand. It can fast-charging compatible Android devices and Anker says it is 10% faster at charging iPhones than other chargers. It’s also case-friendly and comes with an 18-month warranty.

eBay sale: 10% off top tech

eBay is right now taking 10% off top tech from Dell. The promo is good for up to $200 off orders of $150+, and there are a lot of products compatible with the discount, not just computers. I’m talking video games and consoles, Bluetooth speakers, monitors and much more. Just follow the link below and use the code JOY4TECH when checking out.

Sony PlayStation Plus 1-Year

Top eBay seller Neogames has 1-year memberships for Sony’s PlayStation Plus service right now. They typically run around $60, but for a limited time you can get a membership for just $43. PS Plus allows you to play multiplayer games online, gives you access to free downloads, exclusive content and tons of discounts. Even if you already have a membership, you can still grab this one on discount and stack it.

Nomad Outlet Deals

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