Between the virtual assistants in our smartphones and the vast cloud networks housing our data, there’s no denying that we live in a digital world. Yet, despite these marvels, there’s also no denying the value of something as simple as a paper note.

Whether you need to create a reminder for an important task or share a heartfelt message with a loved one, physical notes have a level of gravity and weight that text messages and virtual calendars simply can’t match. The MEMOBIRD Mobile Thermal Printer makes it easy to create and share your own paper notes, and it’s on sale for only $60 today.

Using special thermal paper, the MEMOBIRD Mobile Thermal Printer can print text, handwriting, photos, pictures, stickers, and even secret messages with absolutely zero ink. The printer can send and receive paper messages, as well as print from any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop with or without an Internet connection, giving you an untold level of flexibility. And, thanks to its amazingly compact size, it’s easy to bring with you wherever you are.

The MEMOBIRD Mobile Thermal Printer usually retails for $79.99, but you can get it on sale today for only $59.99, saving 25 percent off the usual price.

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