GVGMall offers discounts on Microsoft’s productivity software, including the full Office 2016 Professional license for under $30 and the Office 2019 Professional key for less than $45. They also offer deals on license keys for Windows 10 Professional and popular gaming titles.

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Here are some notable GVGMall deals that you might be interested in.

Office 2016 Professional for $29.70

Microsoft offers the most comprehensive office suite that boosts your productivity. With these apps, you can create form letters or databases, manage expenses and run spreadsheets, design presentations, organize your emails and much more.

Office 2016 Professional regularly sells for north of $200. GVGMall has brought the price all the way down to $37.12, but you can get it for just $29.70 by using the promo code BLOG20.

Use the code BLOG20 at checkout for 20% off to get Office 2016 Pro key for $29.70.

You can download the Office installer from Microsoft.

The license key is for the Windows version of Office. To use it on a Mac, boot into Windows through Boot Camp or run Windows alongside macOS using Parallels Desktop or VMWare.

Office 2019 Professional for $43.56

If you need the latest and greatest productivity features, get Office 2019 Professional. Regularly a $200+ value, GVGMall is offering Office 2019 Professional for just $54.45. However, iDownloadBlog readers can save a further $11 by using the redemption code BLOG20.

Use the code BLOG20 at checkout for 20% off to get Office 2019 Pro key for $43.56.

Like with Office 2016, this license key unlocks Office 2019 on one Windows PC for use at work.

Combined Windows + Office licenses

Have you just upgraded your rusty old machine? Maybe you were a good boy so Santa treated you to a brand-new computer? Either way, one of the first orders of business is installing Windows. If you install Windows on your Mac using Apple’s Boot Camp, you can boot into Windows to run DirectX games, Office 2019 and other PC software at full speed.

GVGMall is offering these Office and Windows keys in discounted packs:

But how do you run PC software on a Mac?

Running Windows on a Mac

If you need to use Windows and PC software on your Mac, you can either install Windows 10 in a dual-boot environment with Apple’s BootCamp Assistant or run Microsoft’s software alongside macOS using a virtualization solution such as Parallels Desktop.

The first method gives Windows, apps and games direct access to your Mac’s hardware, allowing them to run at full speed. The second method gives you the convenience of running both Windows and macOS simultaneously but at the expense of performance.

If you need Windows, be sure to pick Windows 10 because it sports a streamlined interface that smoothly handles transitions between a mouse-oriented interface and a touchscreen-optimized interface. More importantly, Windows 10 supports universal apps which run across PCs, tablets, smartphones, embedded systems, Xbox One, Surface Hub and Mixed Reality.

The familiar Start menu is back, and can be customized with apps, people and files

Other perks include support for fingerprint and face recognition, ‌an updated Start menu that can be customized with apps, people and files, the Edge web browser, a virtual desktop system, a window and desktop management feature called Task View, DirectX 12 and more.

License keys for Windows 10 Professional typically retail $50 or more. GVGMall is offering a license key for Windows 10 Pro OEM for just $15.32 a pop, but you can apply the redemption code BLOG20 for an additional 20% discount.

Use the code BLOG20 at checkout for 20% off to get Windows 10 Pro OEM key for $12.26.

You can download the Windows installer from Microsoft.

For those wondering, GVGMall’s Windows and Office keys are for the OEM versions. According to Microsoft, OEM licenses are identical to the full retail versions except for the following:

  • OEM versions don’t include direct support from Microsoft support personnel
  • OEM licenses are tied to the very first computer you install and activate it on
  • OEM versions allow all upgrades except swapping a different model motherboard
  • OEM versions cannot be used to directly upgrade from an older Windows edition

Other GVGMall discounts and promotions

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Established in 2004 as a trading platform for virtual items, boosters and other upgrades for MMORPG titles, GVGMall now has more than a million registered members from more than a hundred countries. They are a certified PayPal partner for a decade and accept all major credit cards, Webmoney, Paysafecard and other means of payment.