Your Mac is an undeniably impressive machine, but the sheer volume of apps, files, and folders that consume your computer’s hard drive make it difficult to keep things organized and streamlined, especially if you use your Mac for work as well as play.

Unclutter for Mac is an award-winning tool that helps you organize your workflow and boost productivity, and right now it’s available for 60% off its usual price at just $7.99.

Acting as a 3-in-1 clipboard, file storage, and note-taking utility, this simple but powerful tool can be thought of as a digital drawer in which you can place and store files, notes, and clipboard data for easy access. You’ll be able to drag and drop clutter off your Mac’s desktop, and even jot down quick notes and track file movements as you go. This app even allows you to auto-sync your files across all of your Macs simultaneously using shared folders.

Streamline your workflow with Unclutter for Mac for just $7.99—60% off its usual price for a limited time.

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