Heads up gamers, or friends and family of gamers! Sony is currently taking 33% off of its 12-month PlayStation Plus memberships. If you own a PlayStation (generation 4 or later), PS Plus is practically a must as it gives you access to online gaming, free games and other discounts, and right now you can grab a yearlong subscription for just $40.

Features include:

  • Play Online with Friends
  • Online Multiplayer for PS4 systems
  • Free Monthly Games Access
  • Up to 75% discounts on popular games
  • Automatic Game Updates
  • Online Game Saves

Take note that these are digital membership codes, so there’s no need to have anything shipped to you. Upon purchase from Amazon, you’ll receive a download code which you can redeem directly through console or online. Now I know Black Friday is coming up, but I don’t imagine we’ll see the price on this drop much (if any) below this point.

Buy for $40 $60

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