Apple’s revised Privacy website now allows US users to download a copy of their personal data

In the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, it’s now possible to request all of the data Apple has collected on you through devices such as iPhone and Mac. The tool is part of a revised Privacy mini-site that the company uses to explain its stance on user privacy.

Previously available to Apple users in the European Union and elsewhere due to the 2018 introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data and Privacy policy webpage is where you can go to request your user data.

After logging into this page with your Apple ID, you can get a copy of your data, correct your data, or deactivate or delete your account. Your data once received from Apple, will include a copy of your data from apps and services. As such, it can consist of purchase and app usage history and the data you store with Apple, such as calendars, photos, and documents.

It’s free to request your data report, and Apple promises to fulfill all requests within seven business days.

Apple will notify you as soon as your data becomes available to download from the Apple ID website. The archive must be downloaded within 14 days of making the request before it’s deleted.

For more on information on requesting your personal data from Apple, be sure to take a look at our how-to report on the subject, which was first published in May.

Meanwhile, if you’ve never visited Apple’s far-reaching Privacy mini-site, you should spend the time to do so. The site explains how the company handles and secures user data. It’s also the place to go to see the company’s privacy policy.