It’s safe to say that people who read more generally are more successful in work and life. But, for most of us, finding the time to curl up with a good book or just catch up on the day’s headlines is no easy feat. The 2018 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle can help you stay sharp and read more in less time, and it’s on sale for only $19.

This bundle features lifetime licenses for two powerful speed reading resources, 7 Speed Reading EX 2018 and Spreeder CX 2018. 7 Speed Reading EX 2018 is designed to triple your reading speed through a variety of interactive mediums, including learning strategies, software activities, and video training. Meanwhile, Spreeder CX 2018 is an RSVP (rapid serial visual presentation) e-reader that allows you to paste in whatever digital content you’re reading and displays the text at a rate that will help you get through it faster.

While the 2018 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle usually retails for $478, you can get it on sale today for only $19, saving more than 90% off the usual price.

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