Apple Watch Series 4 fall detection automatically turns on if you’re 65+ years old

Apple Watch fall detection requires Series 4 or newer

Series 4 brought a new fall detection feature, but it’s not enabled unless you’re 65+ years old.

According to Apple itself, the fall detection feature is automatically on if you’re 65+ years old. You can tell the watch about your age in the Health app on your paired iPhone: select the Health Data tab, then hit the Profile icon and fill in your information.

You can also tap My Watch → Health in the companion Watch app on your iPhone.

If you’re younger than 65, enable fall detection manually: open the Watch app on your paired iPhone, select the My Watch tab, tap Emergency SOS and set Fall Detection to ON.

Fall detection isn’t perfect because physically active people are more likely to trigger false alarms. As the feature is meant to kick into action with hard falls only, that may explain why some reviewers couldn’t trigger it by throwing themselves onto foam and other soft surfaces.

In her Series 4 review on The Wall Street Journal, Joana Stern tested Apple Watch fall detection by hiring a professional Hollywood stunt double to trip, slip and flip through.

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