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Spotlight, The Big Sick, and other movies on sale in iTunes right now


All the new HomeKit gear unveiled at CES 2018

Nomad launches wireless charging hub with four built-in USB ports

Apple & related news

HomePods are reportedly rolling off the production lines

Apple will allow users to turn off the iPhone performance throttling feature in upcoming update

A fix for ChaiOS Messages bug will arrive next week


G0blin RC1 jailbreak tool released for A7-A9 devices running iOS 10.3.x

BatteryStatus revives the old school Bluetooth device battery indicator in the Status Bar

KeyUtilities brings configurable keyboard commands to iOS

PullToClear lets you clear pending notifications with a pull gesture

Force authentication from your iMessage recipient with MsgL0ck

Jailbreak tweaks of the week: The calm before the storm


How to get Extra Lives on HQ

How to allow guests to connect to your Wi-Fi network with a QR code

How to enable Dark Mode on YouTube for iOS

How to record FaceTime calls

How to export your shot on iPhone HEIF images as JPEGs using Photos for Mac

How to add specialised activities to your Workout app

Fix: Safari can’t load websites or crashes

Tip: stop the Podcasts app from auto-advancing to the next episode from the same show

How to prevent Instagram from broadcasting your online status to friends

“Hey Siri, play some news”


Vivid colors iPhone wallpaper pack

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