The holidays are upon us once again, and you know what that means: colder weather, Christmas decorations and of course, gift shopping. We can’t help you with the first two things, but we can offer up some great gift ideas as we once again kick off our annual holiday gift guide series. Today’s guide focuses on Apple Watch-related products.

Belkin MFi Valet Charger Power Pack

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a good battery pack makes a great gift. And for the Apple Watch wearer in your life, Belkin’s Valet battery pack might make the perfect gift. The Valet is about the size of a Snickers candy bar and it features a 6700mAh power block that allows you to recharge your Apple Watch up to 8 times. It’s MFi-certified, meaning it’s Apple-approved, and it features a magnetic Apple Watch charger, USB port, micro-USB port, and an LED status indicator.

Buy for $87*

Elago W3 Vintage Apple Watch Stand

Elago’s W3 stand is designed to look like a vintage Mac. Just drop your Apple Watch into the scratch-free silicon cradle and watch the Mac’s display come to life. It works with all Apple Watch models and supports Nightstand mode for watchOS 2 or later. Note that the W3 doesn’t include a charging cable, but it does support the one that comes in the box with the Watch.

Buy for $10

Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch

The TimePorter from Twelve South made our Apple Watch gift guide last year, and I still think it’s one of the best presents you can get for owners of Apple’s wearable. The sharp-looking case comes in both black and white, and is large enough to carry and protect your Apple Watch, charging cable, power adapter and an extra band. Plus, it doubles as a stand. Don’t hesitate to pick up this classy travel case.

Buy for $40*

Catalyst Waterproof Case for Apple Watch

Yes, the Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 are technically waterproof, but for folks with older models or those who just want extra protection, I recommend the Catalyst waterproof case. I can attest to their durability—I actually had one stuck on my Watch for ~2 years and it held on so well I ended up having to cut it off. Honestly, waterproof or not, I actually like the sportier look of this case. It makes it look like you’re wearing a Casio G-Shock, rather than a smartwatch.

Buy for $60

Twelve South ActionSleeve for Apple Watch

Twelve South’s ActionSleeve is exactly what is sounds like—a case for your Apple Watch that straps around your arm. It’s perfect for folks who require wrist-obstructing equipment for activities like boxing, weight lifting, etc., or for those who simply want a different way to wear their Watch. The ActionSleeve is easy to attach, comfortable to wear, and it has a rear cutout so you can still collect heart rate data.

Buy for $30

TYD LoO Smart Watch Carry Case

If you’re a person who travels a lot, you know it can sometimes be a pain to take your Apple Watch with you. You have your charging cable, adapter and you may even have 3-4 bands that you want to bring. That’s where a smart watch carry case like this one from TYD LoO comes in. It measures just 8.75″x7.75″x1.88″, but it’s big enough to carry everything mentioned above, plus up to 12 different Watch bands.

Buy for $35

Nomad Leather Watch Strap for Apple Watch

Speaking of bands, this leather strap from Nomad has long been one of my favorites. It’s a classy-looking brown band with black lugs that fit perfectly into your Apple Watch. And, because of its Horween leather material, the band will only look better over time, as it patinas with use. If you or the person you are shopping for wants to add class to their Apple Watch, this Nomad band is a great place to start.

Buy for $60

Smatree SmaShell Charging Case

For the person who just wants an easy way to charge their Apple Watch on the go, I recommend checking out the SmaShell charging case from Smatree. This small round carrying case features a 3000mAh battery and zippered enclosure, and it’s Amazon’s Choice in the category with outstanding customer reviews. Yes, you have to supply your own Apple Watch charger, but the case does have a USB port, a micro-USB port and LED status lights.

Buy for $26

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

I know, it’s expensive and not very exciting. But you’d be surprised how well Apple’s Magnetic Charging Dock goes over as a gift. It looks great, is easy to use, and because it’s made by Apple, there is little to worry about in terms of compatibility and reliability. Plus, most people aren’t going to complain: “ugh, I already have too many charging cables, I don’t want any more!”

Buy for $79

AirPods Wireless Headphones

Give the gift of freedom. Regardless of what model of Apple Watch you have, the AirPods make a great companion. Needless to say, if the person you’re shopping for has an LTE Series 3 Apple Watch, AirPods make the perfect gift. They pair with Apple devices instantly, support Siri commands, offer a comfortable and secure fit for most people, and they come with a charging carrying-case. Honestly, AirPods could be my gift of the year.

Buy for $159

*price was believed to be discounted at time of publishing and is subject to change at anytime.

Know of a great Apple Watch-related gift we missed? Let us know about it in the comments below. Also, be sure to stay tuned for our other gift guides coming up over the next several days.