iPhone X landscape wallpapers

landscape wallpapers for iphone x

We could not be more excited about the impressive new OLED iPhone X. With a glorious edge to edge 5.8″ screen, incredible wallpapers will be the best way to showcase the device to your jealous friends and family.

Over the last couple weeks, we have taken to collecting images we find well suited for the new flagship device. This week, we are highlighting the photography skills of Jack Wassiliauskas.

Landscape wallpapers for iPhone X

Below, you will find five of Jack’s photos, which he scaled to fit all iPhones, and is only just shy of perfect for an iPad Pro. Consequently, readers who were concerned about us only posting iPhone X images, be certain these will work on your device.

You can find more of Jack’s handy work on his behance and dribbble galleries!

To submit your creative images, or just some great stuff you’ve compiled from around the Internet, catch up with me @jim_gresham. You would also benefit by following along for mid-week downloads and shares from my own findings.

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Download: iPhone or iPad

Download: iPhone or iPad

Download: iPhone or iPad

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