Copper-like iPhone 8 finish rumored to be officially marketed as Blush Gold

MyDrivers recently alleged that the next iPhone would be offered in a brand new color option that the outlet’s sources asserted should be called “Champagne Gold”, but a new report this morning has claimed that Apple will officially market the new colorway as “Blush Gold.”

Monday morning, smartphone leakster Benjamin Geskin cited a supposed Foxconn insider as saying that Apple would officially advertise the new color option as “Blush Gold.”

The report was initially posted on Weibo, China’s popular micro-blogging service.

Geskin also posted a pair of very sketchy and grainy videos this morning which allegedly depict a bunch of supposed Foxconn assembly line workers working on alleged iPhone 8 rear shells.

Foxconn goes to great lengths to ensure that no one can sneak a camera or a phone inside its facilities so we don’t think these videos are real. This doesn’t even look to me as an iPhone production line, but I could be wrong.

If the videos are legit, there’s no way to tell if they really show a Foxconn plant or perhaps manufacturing operations of a Chinese knock-off maker. Still, the devices being worked on in the video do appear to have a vertical cutout on the backside for a dual-lens camera system.

Foxconn’s July revenue is up 7.53 percent annually to $10.62 billion as the firm is poised to experience accelerated growth ahead of 2017 iPhone production ramp up.