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Interstellar, The Departed, and other movies on sale in iTunes right now

Get PDF Expert 2.2 for 50% off

Apple’s free app of the week: Beat Stomper


This iPhone stabilizer is a great tool for taking stable videos

Apple & related news

Hands-on with 10.5″ and 12.9″ iPad Pro: unboxing and first impressions

Hands-on with Apple’s new leather case for Apple Pencil that prevents rolling and broken tips

Tim Cook confirms Apple working on autonomous driving software

Developer tweaks iOS 11 to enable drag and drop on iPhone

Wistron confirms at least one new iPhone will be waterproof and have wireless charging

Apple supplier Largan to ship 3D lenses soon, likely for iPhone 8

Apple working to bring comprehensive clinical data to iPhone

Survey says people more likely to buy Amazon Echo than Apple HomePod


How to switch your jailbreak from mach_portal or Yalu to extra_recipe

How to build extra_recipe from source code using Xcode

Choose your default web browser in iOS with BrowserChanger10

Eleven: an upcoming collection of iOS 11-like jailbreak tweaks

S8Edge simulates the aesthetics of Samsung’s S8 Infinity display on iPhone

FullSafari brings iPad-like tabbed browsing to iPhone

Jailbreak tweaks of last week: Apace, SocialDownloader, TimeMover, & more…


Twitter revamped with dynamically updated Reply/Like/Retweet counts, Safari Reader support & more


How to switch from iOS beta to official iOS release

How to archive Instagram posts

How to disable ‘Behind the Lyrics’ pop-ups in Spotify


iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, iMac Pro wallpapers from WWDC 2017

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